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Survival Zones - The North American Interior Plains

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Yowbarb's Note: There may not be any area in the US that does not have earthquakes or flooding in the time of Planet X.
One thing we know, the interior parts of continents are the strongest parts.
These interior parts are called cratons.  US Map
The North American Craton

Defining some terms

The North American Craton - stable inner part of the continent.

Paul Kiel:
good post barb. we need to have safe locations beat into us like a hammer, so we get on the ball and take action


--- Quote from: Lori on March 23, 2010, 06:40:02 AM ---I think though that the area is starting to become unstable now.  The other night I had a sudden vision of the Central US suddenly cracking and splitting.  This came at 3 or 4:00 in the morning Monday.  I've been up with you Barb.   :-\ :o

I think with the quake activity happening in the Central US that these are the beginning pangs of the change.


--- End quote ---
Good morning Lori
So you've been waking in the wee hours too?
Thanks for sharing the dream. Well I hope that doesn't happen - one thing I am at least partly counting on is a safe place on that craton area, farther over east from the Divide. North and east of the threats from yellowstone area. Note: When I say "safe,"
I realize it will take some real digging down and reinforcements - or a place like a bomb shelter or an old missile site, to get through some of the earth movement. That's in a worst case scenario, which as Marshall has said we won't know until it's all going down...
(or shortly before.) Reference - his videos on the Flyby Scenarios.

BTW I was really drawn to Canada where there may be even more stable places, but then I started wondering about how
difficicult it might be to get my group over the border when it was time to get there.
I was thinking Montana but not so sure now... even the northern states are flooding so bad now not sure.
Some kind of plateau.
(Please no one assume these will be safe places, just looking at it. I also am looking at this kind of terain in northern US states.
All The Best,

Sasketchewan  - a plateau in the southwest north of Montana... below:

High point, North Dakota: This is in White Butte, over 3500 feet. More images of White Butte below.
- Yowbarb

The North American Continent.
As you can see, southwestern North Dakota is well away from the Divide. I hope that is far enough.
 Also southwestern Saskatchewan, plateau on the prairie may be far enough away....
These are two areas I suggest people look at as possible safe places. I just don't know for sure yet...Next post has (more)
images of southwestern North Dakota - a plateau
called White Butte.


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