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Has Chem Trailing stopped?

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Ed Douglas:
For quite a while, we have not had any chem trailing in northern Ohio. The skies have been blue.(when it's not raining)  Has it stopped elsewhere, or is it still happening?  If it has all stopped, why?   ed

I haven't noticed any chemtrails in the past week +. I wonder what they are up to now.

definitely hasn't stopped over Chicago's western suburbs from mchenry county to dupage county

The Chemtrails were in full criss-cross swing this morning in NE Ohio (east of where Ed is and about 10 miles west of the PA line).

ah well, must be 'lucky' over here, eh :)


Ed Douglas:
West side of Cleveland has been clear.Whatever they were hiding, is either gone, or they don't care if you see it, or whatever genetic changes they wanted to make, are basically finishing.   ed


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