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Author Topic: Good dogs for a survival group  (Read 12377 times)


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Re: recorded dog barking
« Reply #45 on: May 07, 2018, 05:59:32 PM »
there are recordings of a dog barking that can be played periodically.
3 problems with this option, as i see it:
- it has become pretty common; if someone doesn't actually see a dog or hear it scratching or jumping up against the door, i'm sure they'll test if there really is one
- maybe really expensive ones sound real; all the ones i've heard are clearly recordings
- the mindset/psyche of starving people is such that only the threat of serious injury will scare them off. In other words, they'll keep looking for a way in until a dog is literally after them. Maybe the dog will quiet down; maybe it can be appeased, distracted or locked away. If you're starving to death, the threat on your life better be pretty darn real.

You know, like coming face to face with a Malinois that's protective, fast, strong, fierce, relentless and can fly...  ;)

Man, these dogs are crazy. They're not like: if you force me, i will hurt you or if you come here, i will chase you away; Malinois are more like: dude, i'm bored. Please come over here so i can rip you to shreds. Make my day....
All ya have to do is look at the eyes of these dogs, either at 'rest' or attack. These dogs look like they don't even have an off button. They are always ready to go 100% at a moment's notice.
The only thing I'd add to the barking dog recording is that it's comforting to think that the would-be robber may think that "because there is no real dog inside", then I'm free to do as I please."  What a surprise to the wouldbe robber if the owner uses the dog-bark recording as a diversionary tool.


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