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Author Topic: I get it! Dream interpretation  (Read 3633 times)


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I get it! Dream interpretation
« on: September 08, 2011, 09:13:39 AM »
Bare with me here as I try to explain, haven't really slept since I awoke to a Eureaka moment at just after 2am.

I'll preface this with I felt the touch of God in 2002, didn't realize what it was, it was very brief.  But I know why.  That night I went to bed with a question(normal behaviour back then) of "What is the meaning of life?"
I was given a short vibration in the night, sat straight up with the answer.  Unfortunately I wanted to know more so instead of writing it down, I layed back down closed my eyes to learn more.  I learned nothing more and lost the original.  This had a negative effect on me for years.  All I can remember is "no harm".  I led a life of fighting for human rights after, ironically, law of the land is do whatever you want as long as your intent is not to cause "harm" to others.

For 9 years, I didn't dream.  But since the recent "touch" that lasted 4 hours(intense vibration and emotions) and was on Aug 1, I dream again.  The last week though I dream alot, every night, and multiple dreams.  I am "awake" in all of them, I am making decisions and participating in all of them.  Last night I had 3 in a row, all the same theme and similiar to the all in the week so far.  Same theme.  No matter when I go to bed, I wake from one have to use the potty :) and its at 2am, 4am, 6am.  Not always exactly, but I look at the time everytime.  Its always close.

In each one there is someone from my past, someone that I gave freely too and they took too much(as I seen it then).  Used me was my opinion of them.  One I saved his life(literally) and he just took more.  So I "dumped" them from my life.  I'm dreaming of all those people.  Different scenarios, same theme.

I am being taught to love, forgive and let go.  I believe its our last chance as I said before.  I am being trained to do it in dreams, lucid and "awake".  Multiple times in one night.  When I realized this is what was happening, I was really awake and couldn't sleep.  I've felt the vibration alot, different intensities over the past, but I got a new one last night after realizing it.  I can't explain really, but only my left side(spiritual) of my body, warm and gentle but more of a tone or harmonic feeling.  Nothing like what I am used to.  I have it in my chest, left arm and shoulder right now as I type this.  God's way of saying I'm doing what I am supposed to, its how I interpret it since I only feel him when I'm doing whats "right"

Now I am not saying that all your dreams are teaching you the same thing, not at all, I've read some here.  Many different themes.  Please consider something though.

Your dreaming what God wants you to, he is training your mind to accept something.  For example:  Some have had dreams of devastation and running to safety etc.  Are you by chance living in a large city?  Are you unprepared for whats coming?  Maybe you are being told to get out?  Are you being shown the way?

If you choose, think on these dreams, even the snapshot ones, all really.  What is the theme, what have you done differently, or have you?  Do they stop?  After I realized it at 2am, I did get rest again, no dreaming though.  I am curious what I dream tonight.  I'm getting flashes all morning of people I "dumped" out of my life, they are all smiling.  I accept my dreams are so vivid for a reason.  I've said this my whole adult life -  Everything happens for a reason and it is what it is.  Makes sense.

Consider also if you may, I trusted Dania22 here, faceless friend that I felt comfortable sharing my 3 signs from God that morning, think I started with "I need to tell someone".  Is it coincidence she had an ascending experience recently, not suggesting that it's because of me, not at all.  It's because of the person she is and the person she's becoming.  She had a message for us too.  This is all happening for a reason.  I am quite open with my thoughts here, no matter how far "out of the park" they may seem because I believe we are in that "time" with out any doubt.  Dania22 openly stated that we are in Revelations, I believe her, just like I believe what she wrote about ascending, there is no doubt.

I'm feel so blessed this morning, the vibration is constant now, its God's love.  I've led a life of danger for many years, never broken a bone.  I don't get sick, I don't take medications ever.  The few times I did get "sick" was in my head, no doctors could diagnose anything in me.  I had a head on collision driving one night, no seatbelt.  I didn't let go of the stearing wheel, not humanly possible, I bent it right around the collumn. even laughed when I went back to see the car and wondered "How did I manage that one".  My injuries were minor really.  I hit an SUV at about 40mph, he made a left turn in front of me.  Totalled my little 4 door car.  I walked through a group of nasty criminals to save a friends life, none even touched me as I approached their "boss", I'm 5'8" they parted out of the way.  I told that "boss" he wasn't going to do anything, let it go.  He did.  I have many more, trully, my point is I've been "protected" till this time, I just didn't realize it.  I shared one with my wife and sister in law about a time, its funny now, but lets just say I should have been shot, wrong angels.

See it for what it is my friends, close your eyes and see the truth, we are all free, it's time.  This is the first and only site I posted my real name, real location in my life.  My friends I sent here to have a look, baffled by it.  I have no facebook or other type thing, always had a personae for the internet, fake name, fake life.  Not here, I'm telling you the truth, first time in my life I've done that to the faceless masses.  We are all connected there is no fear in me, its a meal served by him, I don't feed on it.


edit: just looked a post count, said "ha, that's funny"  its an 11.  My number.


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Re: I get it! Dream interpretation
« Reply #1 on: September 08, 2011, 09:35:34 AM »
I have also always felt that I was protected by God.  I thought it was because of my Granddad and Mom being good people.  I'm very grateful that I've been protected.  I also have a strong immune system and the worse illness I get is a cold, sometimes it may be a "bad" cold.  But it doesn't keep me in bed by any means.  I still go to work with them.  I'm not on any meds, which seems to fascinate most people I know.

I don't remember if I've ever mentioned this on this forum before, if I did, it was months and months ago, but anyway, when I was 7, I had a very clear voice in my head that said, "You will live to see Jesus' return".  It stopped me in my tracks.  I've been thinking alot lately that maybe the big thing we're all expecting is not PX, not Elenin, not UFO's, none of that stuff, but that it will really be Christ's return.  That would be a world changing event!


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Re: I get it! Dream interpretation
« Reply #2 on: September 08, 2011, 09:41:08 AM »
Trust the voice, what else could it be.  I've said multiple times here that "Acceptance" is a Key.  You heard it, you know what it is and you just posted it here, at this time.  Do you wonder why?  You never shared that before now and suddenly compelled?

Jesus is returning, what a glorious time to be alive, look up and enjoy the show.  He's not far off now, that I feel too.  Everything is happening in order, not dates, but in order of how it supposed to.  So that voice was telling you the Truth because you are here!

Mike  :D


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Re: I get it! Dream interpretation
« Reply #3 on: June 19, 2017, 12:39:17 AM »
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