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Author Topic: Chaunska's Topic re-named: Try a diet free of gluten and casein (wheat and milk protein)  (Read 5950 times)


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This topic is one I am very familiar with.   I have a son who has been on a gluten and casein free diet most of his life.   He was diagnosed with autism at age 2. (high functioning, now called Asperger's Syndrome)   He is now 20 years old and perfectly normal.   This is due to completely eliminating gluten and casein from his diet.   

Many doctors thought I was crazy and even laughed at me, when I told them that Chat got drunk from drinking milk and high when he got wheat products.   But I followed the Information I got from....well, lets just say a little bird.....rather than doctors advise, and Chat was cured.   You wouldn't know of his autism if you met him.   

The goal here is to provide information for those who may have children diagnosed with autism or  autistic spectrum disorder, who may want to try this treatment.    Autism occurs 1 in every 110 births at this point.   If we can make well our "autistic" children, they will be able to survive when we, their parents finally pass into the Spirit World.

I am happy to provide as much information as I can and answer any questions.     If you are the parent of an autistic child and found some cure or treatment that works, please post your experiences. 


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Here is a crash coarse on how the gut and brain are linked with gluten and casein.   
First, it seems that some people with autism are unable to break down proteins effectively before they enter the bloodstream.   It is not really understood weather this problem is caused by an enzyme issue, a digestive hormone issue (secretin), or a leaky gut issue.   It could be a combination.   If gluten and casein are not broken down completely, they become peptides which are opioid in nature.   When my son gets gluten or casein, his blood tests positive for dermorphine, an opiate byproduct from gluten and casein.    Many doctors are now becoming aware of this condition.   Dermorphine can build up in the brain and continue to cause damage and problems as gluten and casein are continually ingested.   It takes time to "wash" casein and particularly gluten out of the brain...anywhere from 6weeks to a year.   If you omit these two proteins from your child's diet, a sure way to tell if they are even a problem to begin with, is observation.    If you child becomes a bear, grumpy and uncontrollable, it is withdrawal.   People with a withdrawal response should remain completely gluten and casein free.     The withdrawal period can last 6 to 8 weeks.    Then watch them start to bloom!!


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Thanks for the refresher!


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I am with you 100% Chaunska. My diet has changed dramatically this year. Low & behold I don't feel so loaded down. I believe these modern diseases are a direct cause of the synthetics used in our petro based world. Well, many of us walked ourselves into the forest & have allowed culture to dictate our behavior. I for one am willing to walk myself out & in to a more harmonic lifestyle with the planet.


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I have in the past almost had an addiction to wheat bread. I relished it greatly and felt lousy a few hours after eating it. The next day I would wake up almost in a stupor. I have been weaning myself off of it and trying to go 100% grain free. Hard to do.

A doctor (Dr. William Davis) has written a book called "Wheat Belly". He says that wheat was always bad for people but has been particularly bad in the last 50 or so years. It seems that the bad aspects were intensified when a new strain was developed to make the stalk shorter and the yield bigger. According to him wheat can do damage even to folks who do NOT have celiac disease.



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I know that this is an old topic---- but yes! I second the removal of gluten and milk protein in one's diet.
My family have been vegan and gluten free for a year and the results are drastic, especially for my 11 year old, who this time last year was severely over weight and had bad asthma.. Within three months of our lifestyle change, I saw a marked difference in his energy levels  as well as his asthma!!


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