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Author Topic: Tibetans monks and nuns turn to self-immolation due to Chinese oppression  (Read 3686 times)


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Nine Buddhist Monks and the first nun have set them selves on fire (self immolation) in protest due to the violent oppression of China over Tibet this year alone.
"According to the release, nuns from the Mamae nunnery carried Tenzin Wangmo’s body to the nunnery and despite repeated warnings from Chinese security personnel, refuse to give possession of the deceased’s body.
“The Chinese authorities have given the nuns an ultimatum to either hand over the deceased’s body or bury Tenzin Wangmo’s body by tonight,” the release said."

 One of the quotes on the FB page is "she must be a Bodhisattva. This type of socially-conscious suicide is acceptable in Mahayana Buddhism, if it brings awareness to ultimate change for the good. Bodhisattva's do not seek nirvana, but they give it up for the chance to enlighten all of humanity. she is a brave person, and I hope China takes notice."

I for one do not think China will listen to anybody about anything and only Mother Earth can make them see the error of their ways. I apologise in advance for the photo but believe it has to be seen.

I am also personally disgusted at the South African government for refusing the Dalai Lama a visa (2nd time now he has been refused a visa) in order to attend Archbishop's Desmond Tutu's Birthday celebration, but it's not just SA i remember when only Blair was PM and he had police vans block the pavements so the Chinese president would not see the Free Tibet flags and protestors (all peaceful) - disgraceful. I am thankful that subsequent politicians PM's and Presidents (Bush & Obama) have welcomed the Dalai Lama even though China through a hissy fit (tantrum) over them speaking to a man of Peace.


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Inselemel thanks for posting this...


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Thanks barbara. Its awful but i understand where they are coming from. I hope Tibet will be free soon but i am sure it will probably have to wait till next December 21st - i am sure tibetans monks and nuns will be the first to go, if you know what i mean.


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Re: Tibetans monks and nuns turn to self-immolation due to Chinese oppression
« Reply #3 on: November 04, 2011, 02:05:23 PM »
Another Tibetan nun Palden Choetso, self immolated (03/11/11)  :'(
Interview with with Lobsang Jinpa re the recent self immolation -   SFT Canada confront China Gold International and although i couldn't make out a lot of the response what i did make out made me count to 10 as so angry >:( >:( >:( >:( and it didn't work a lot of 'i don't care about ....." was said and at the end it was applauded grrrrrrrrrrrrr. Steam was coming out my ears.


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More Tibetans shot dead as unrest escalates

Two days of brutal attacks by Chinese forces have left at least 8 Tibetans dead as authorities opened fired on peaceful protesters in Draggo and Serta on 23rd and 24th January.
Protests have continued in Eastern Tibet over the past weeks as more self-immolations and mass gatherings of Tibetans calling for rights and freedoms in their own land are met with violence by the occupying Chinese regime. The situation remains tense, with little news allowed to filter through.
Chinese security forces opened fired on unarmed Tibetans in two seperate occasions on 23rd and 24th January. In the first, Norpa Yonten and another as yet unamed Tibetan were shot dead in Draggo County and over 30 were injured, many with gunshot wounds after protests began when local Tibetans were arrested for distributing leaflets calling for freedom and displaying the banned Tibetan national flag and slogans such as ‘shame on China’ and ‘long live the Dalai Lama’. Some later reports said that six Tibetans had died in the shooting, and a dozen people are said to be in a serious condition. The incident followed protests in Puku township on 22nd January, where the Chinese authorities deployed large numbers of police. Hundreds of monks are also reported to have protested in Meruma, Ngaba; part of an ongoing wave of protests in Kardze, Ngaba and other areas which seem to have intensified in regularity in 2012.


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Got this email from Students for a Free Tibet - another self immolation, a Tibetan nomad who was forced off the grass lands into a concrete jungle.

"Dear Melanie,

Hundreds gather at Tamding's funeral.
This morning at 6 o'clock, Tamding Thar set himself on fire in front of the Chinese Armed Police compound in Chentsa county, in eastern Tibet. He is the 39th Tibetan to self-immolate since 2009.

Tamding was a Tibetan nomad in his fifties. A few years ago his family was moved off the grasslands and into the county as part of China's nomad resettlement program. Over a million nomads like Tamding and his family have had to leave their black tents and settle in drab concrete ghettos.

Tamding's drastic act of protest today against Chinese rule comes on the heels of a self-immolation by another Tibetan nomad, a 33-year-old mother named Rikyo who lit herself on fire on May 30th. Like Tamding and Rikyo, many of the individuals who have self-immolated were displaced nomads. Slowly, we are able to put names and faces to the people who have been crushed by China's nefarious relocation plan. China's ethnocide in Tibet, the centerpiece of which is the nomad relocation policy, is revealing itself to be a main trigger behind many of these tragic acts.

The Chinese government has now relocated 1.43 million farmers and herders into "new homes," meaning reservation-style housing blocks in the middle of nowhere. Devoid of educational or financial opportunities in their new surroundings, and their traditional skills rendered completely useless, the nomads are suffering from massive social and economic problems including unemployment, alcoholism, and poverty.

This week, Catherine Ashton, EU High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy, one of Europe's most influential diplomats, delivered a speech in the European Parliament expressing grave concern that China's "compulsory resettlement of all nomads has the potential to destroy the distinctive Tibetan culture and identity." She called upon the Chinese government to respect the Tibetan people's human rights, "including their right to freedom of expression and freedom of assembly."

This statement – like all political statements on Tibet – is the result of hard work by Tibetans in Tibet and those in exile, along with our global supporters. While these statements do not stop China's repression overnight, they keep Beijing's image-obsessed leaders on their toes and give hope to Tibetans at this critical time. These statements challenge the Chinese authorities to prove that the situation in Tibet is not as bad as we claim, thereby creating a little more breathing space inside Tibet.

Often these statements come when we least expect it. On May 18th, two months after SFT staff and members joined Tibetan community leaders to meet with US Congressman Ed Towns, the Congressman took a powerful stand for Tibet on the floor of the US House of Representatives. Addressing the Congress, he even acknowledged Students for a Free Tibet at the beginning of his statement:

"Mr. Speaker, I rise today to express my support for the people of Tibet and to thank groups like Students for a Free Tibet for all the work they do to raise awareness on this issue. For too long, the Tibetan people have suffered numerous human rights violations at the hands of the People's Republic of China. In the fight for Tibetan freedom, 35 Tibetans have set fire to themselves since February 2009 to protest China's occupation of their land. At least 23 of them have died. Their sacrifice should not go unnoticed. They have given their lives to show the world the suffering the Tibetan people endure at the hands of Chinese government."

Read his full statement here:

Next week, as the 20th session of UN Human Rights Council opens in Geneva, a group of activists and SFT members will once again be pushing for greater political action for Tibet from world governments. By meeting with various countries' permanent representatives to the United Nations at the the Palace Des Nations in Geneva, we will directly pressure the UN and our governments to stop China's forced resettlement policies and its ongoing repression against the Tibetan people.

By advancing and expanding our global grassroots lobbying efforts we will ensure greater government support for Tibet. Stay tuned for more ways you can help in the coming week. Together, we can honor people like Tamding and Rikyo, and all those who have suffered and sacrificed so much for freedom and human rights.

With hope,


Executive Director"

Nigel Beardsley

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Thank you Mel for this post. The oppression of the Tibetan people is a subject I have been following for a long time. I had the fortunate pleasure of an audience with  the Dali Llama in His place of refuge (India, Daramasala) many years ago and was humbled by his peaceful nature and intelligence. I also met with many of his followers and learnt first hand about the peaceful struggle of the Tibetan people. I was, and still am, amazed that these people have maintained a peaceful protest against the Chinese and Indian occupation for so many years, never resorting to violence.


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