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Surviving the Planet X Tribulation

Author Topic: About the Planet X Survivor's Town Hall  (Read 26760 times)


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About the Planet X Survivor's Town Hall
« on: April 03, 2010, 07:35:59 PM »
The goal of this board is to create a constructive and positive environment for those who get it, and you want to survive the difficult years ahead.   This community was initially founded in 2003 by Marshall Masters and is supported by Your Own World, Inc., publishers of The Kolbrin Bible and other secular works on  Planet X.

Those who come to this message board, are curious or already in some state of awareness.  Many have already experienced the pain of isolation after being incessantly mocked by spouses, family, friends and coworkers.  If this is you, please know this.  You are not alone!  You are a vital part of a growing movement, so join with like-minded others today and pursue common interest and current events together.

Unlike other message boards with indiscriminate, open door registration policies, our message board is focused on quality, as opposed to quantity.  This is because we seek to foster constructive dialogues, as opposed to giving malcontents a way to anonymously spew their venomous hate and disinformation.

As an anonymous guest of the board, you may read approximately half of the total member topics.  After you register for a free posting membership, you can read all of the member topics.   


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What will you have? Signal flares and red bandannas?

If so, when you least expect it, the predators and tyrants will come to take a spoil and they will torture, rape, and kill without mercy.

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