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Author Topic: alien help written by lompsan rampa  (Read 2061 times)


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alien help written by lompsan rampa
« on: February 10, 2012, 03:58:05 PM »
hi there everyone this topic is by far the most important as far as lompsan rampa writes about, i have been reading these books of the buddhist monk and his travels for years now and by far he is my favourite author , some of you may have read the books but the one that relates most to this subject is a blind hermit that awaits him in a cave , the hermits eyes have been removed by the chinese in a torture earlier in his life for information he never had. the true story goes that a young rampa meets him in the cave on his travels and the old hermit tells the young rampa i have waited many years for you to come as i have vast information for you and i am forbidden to leave for the heavenly fields untill i have past on my information to you . the hermit then goes on to tell his story and describes a being of great importance rescuing him during his struggles after his eyes where taken and leading him to a unknown location , he describes a black box that helps him temporarilly see that they attached to his optic nerve and was told he could not take this technology back with him as it is far advanced to our technology, but what he described when he could briefly see again is amazing a 14ft man with female species of similar size and the man in charge he described as a dwarf with authority he also speaks of other beings with long and skinny hands they describe the meaning that we have lost  they are the watchers the people most associate with what an alien look's like, they told the hermit that all living species in the universe are placed on planets where they will flourish .i found it amazing that we are possibly part of a grander plan than we even know or could even dream of knowing  i dont think i am doing the story justice but the author describes events of what is/might be happening did i mention this book was written in 1971 , i dont think this would be have been  known untill 83 by anyone, the best thing about the book is this man is a buddhist monk a true believer in faith and he has no reason to make stories up , the search for me is over i know they are there watching and i don't believe they mean us any harm and the government knows also but they fear loss off control as it renders them useless , i sound like some quack lol but there is hidden truth out there and the occult is the way forward for any free thinking individual . thanks i hope some of you purchase this book as i promise you, you will not be disappointed.
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Re: alien help written by lompsan rampa
« Reply #1 on: February 11, 2012, 03:20:43 AM »
Thanks Johnnie83, very interesting post. I will look out for Lompsan Rampa's books. I also believe that the Tibetan Monks would have a lot of information re 2012 etc that we in the west cannot get access to because of China's ruthless occupation. I did hear a couple of years ago that a tibetan monk or monks that were now living in India (due to the persecution in their homeland) said to western tourist/reporter (can't remember which) that aliens will come and help humans when the proverbial poo poo hits the fan, they also said that animals that were thought extinct will be seen again. That isn't the exact wording but to me it sounded like animals from long long ago and i don't mean  the dodo, will be seen again. We will have to wait and see what exciting times we live in.

Thanks for the post.


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