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Flashlights(battery free/windup)

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My husband and I have gotten some battery free flashlights less than a year ago. They are the windup kind and they worked when we packed them less than a year ago in our kits to prepare. Yesterday we were organizing and the flashlights no longer work when you wind them up. Any ideas on battery free flashlights that we can invest in that are good quality? I have been looking all over and found a combo lattern thing on overstock rating 5. Or do you think it's better to stick to the battery flashlights and/or lanterns? Thanks everyone!

I have both the windup flashlight, and radios.  I never knew they wouldn't work over time!  I was counting on them.

LAUGHALOTZ: husband noticed that a tiny bit of water leaked from a gallon of water we had in the same box, but not enough to damage the flashlights, but hey in that case maybe we should look into getting some waterproof ones!! I am big on flashlights, and always keeping an eye out for good ones. Where did you get your windup radio? Sounds like another cool thing. Hope you are having a good weekend.

If you are getting a wind up radio get one that has shortwave as this might be the only wave band about when shtf.Just do a search for wind up shortwave radio`s,this is just a few to give you an idea,they are on amazon(scroll down page) but if you do a search you might find them cheaper.

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About your flashlights/radio,you need to give them a wind up from time to time just to keep them healthy,leaving them dormant for a long time as you have found can damage them.


Wind up devices with or without batteries tend to be of poor design, a mid range led flashlight and cheap battery powered radio with a few sets of batteries will last several years. you could get a small solar panel and some nicads and have both going for much longer without spending a ton of money. If anyone knows of a good quality device they have had for several years and used several times please share. I have several but I would not depend on any of them, never put all your eggs in one basket.


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