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Author Topic: Helicopters In US Civilian Villages  (Read 8277 times)


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Re: Helicopters In US Civilian Villages
« Reply #15 on: April 15, 2013, 09:57:16 AM »
I have noticed in the past few months over my area helicopters with the double blades. They are grey and I assume they are military. They generally fly very low and you can hear them coming. One flew so low over my house that it cracked my kitchen window and the entire place was vibrating. I went outside to watch and this one was just above the tree height. They are large enough to transport military equipment. My nephew was here and He thought they were coming to get both of us when he heard them. lol
I just wonder what they are doing. He is X military and said there were no bases in the area for such activity of these flying in my area.
  What are they?

CH-46 marine aircraft. Probably supporting an urban exercise in a city close to you. I did this often during my stay at camp lejeune.   Erv 
     I always look up when I hear an unusual jet or any helicopter flying over. A few days ago I heard an unusual sounding
helicopter or should I say a different sounding one; I looked up to see 3 helicopters that were the same but with
different painting schemes. One had a diagonal zebra type paint pattern. The odd thing was that I have NEVER seen
a helicopter of this type. There was no tail rudder but rather 3 vertical fins at the back and the body of the helicopter
was 'boxey' looking.
     I searched for vertical tail helicopter and learned that they are NOTAR tail assembly helicopters or 'no tail rudder'
helicopters. Many of them are used as Air Ambulances or Taxi service. All that is fine but if these were being used
for that then why were they painted in military paint............... I also saw no Identifying aircraft numbers.
     Question; has anyone ever seen this type of craft in the sky ?

   The only real difference in the picture/link I posted and the one I saw was the addition of a third vertical fin in the
middle of the tail. Just curious....   I'm thinking that such a helicopter, which can carry from 6 to 8 persons, could be
used for troop insertion at home or abroad.....  :)
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