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Author Topic: TOR: CON Tornado Condition index for southwest including Texas  (Read 2335 times)


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Tornado condition forecast for March 19th and 20th posted farther below.
These get changed and updated frequently so please check it...

TWC's Exclusive TOR:CON index
Monday March 19

AR west half - 3
IA southwest - 3
KS east - 3
LA northwest - 3
MO west half - 3
NE extreme southeast - 3
OK central, northeast - 4
OK southeast - 6

TX south - 4
TX northeast - 6
TX central - 7
TX southeast west of Laredo-Houston-Lufkin line - 3 to 4

Other areas - less than 2

Tuesday March 20
AR west, central - 3
LA southwest - 4
LA northwest - 3
LA central - 3
MO southwest - 3
OK extreme southeast - 3
TX upper coastal - 4
TX southeast, northeast - 3

Other areas - less than 2

TOR:CON Value Descriptions

•   8:High probability of a tornado

•   6:Moderate possibility of a tornado

•   4:Low chance of a tornado nearby, but hail and/or strong wind gusts

•   2:  Very low chance of a tornado, but hail and/or strong wind gusts

•   0:Near-zero chance of a tornado or a severe thunderstorm

Updated: March 19, 2012 5:45 am ET

TWC's Exclusive TOR:CON index

 by Dr. Greg Forbes, Severe Weather Expert

Developed by Dr. Greg Forbes, (Find him on Facebook) The Weather Channel's severe weather expert, the TOR:CON index is an estimate of the likelihood of tornado activity within a given time period.


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