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Hi all,
I have finally read enough information to form an idea of the big picture regarding 2012, so I wrote an article about it.  So here it is (below).  I reckon that some folks will not like some parts of it, so fire away with comments, corrections, etc.  P.S. Oops, it's too big, so I have to split it into parts.

THE BIG PICTURE REGARDING 2012 - Part 1 of 4 - The Situation


There are trillions of trillions of galaxies in the Universe, nobody knows how many, and quadrillions of planets in each galaxy, perhaps.  Some of the planets are inhabited, and some of those inhabitants are sentient at various levels of spiritual development.

The universe has more than three dimensions, according to String Theory;  the number of dimensions is probably ten, but it could be eleven or even 26.  All forces and particles in every dimension arise from the vibrations of those strings and their interactions.  Each string has many resonant frequencies of vibration.

Just as multiple communication signals can be sent through the same media here on Earth without interference if the different signals are sent at different frequency bands, so it is that different planets, galaxies, etc. in the Universe can be formed in different frequency bands of vibration of the Strings, and they will not interact.  Thus it is that different planets -- and their inhabitants -- that are formed by different frequency bands of vibration, can occupy the same location in multidimensional space and not interact or even be detected by those inhabitants, unless perhaps they have a technology that can indeed respond to multiple frequency bands.

Thus, the claim by V. M. Rabolu, in Hercolubus or Red Planet (2004, ISBN 99926-30-17-5), that the planet Venus is beautiful and inhabited by hominoids of angelic appearance, is credible.  Obviously, that version of Venus occupies a different frequency band than does Earth, because the Venus that we see has a hot, thick, and acidic atmosphere.

The Earth's frequency band is referred to as "Third density" by a source, the "Zetas", who claim to be hominoids from a planet in the constellation Zeta Reticuli, according to a person who claims to receive telepathic communications from them.  (See www.zetatalk.com.)  The Zetas themselves occupy the "Fourth density", according to them, and are normally invisible to us; but, with considerable effort, they can transfer to third density or at least project a third-density image that is visible in third density.


In the Universe there are planets, and their corresponding inhabitants, of density levels from third up to ninth.  (Note that that makes seven levels, which is reminiscent of the 7 levels of heaven in Hinduism.) 

The souls of the sentient entities progress from basic physical existence to enlightened spiritual forms by living thousands of lifetimes progressively up the density levels.  The Earth is one of the third-density facilities where new, young, and immature souls learn the lessons that they need to assimilate before progressing to higher forms.  As a metaphor, it can be said that Earth Humans are in galactic Kindergarten.
(In Earth Kindergarten, the students learn to behave properly; then in Primary school, they learn to think -- supposedly.  Our challenge in Third Density is to learn to control our behavior; the challenge in Fourth Density will be to control our thoughts -- especially since we will read each others' minds!)


The sector of the Milky Way galaxy that the Solar System occupies is governed by the Council of Worlds, whose members are discarnate spirits, according to the Zetas.  That Council has decided, for whatever reason, that the Earth should become a Fourth Density planet -- be upgraded, so to speak.  Perhaps they  have enough Thirds and need more Fourths to accommodate advancing souls -- a common problem that many school boards on Earth have to deal with.

Unfortunately, Humanity as a whole is not ready yet to advance to Fourth Density level, although some persons are.  A fundamental and critical characteristic of spiritual development is a mindset of being Service-To-Others (STO) versus Service-To-Self (STS), according to the Zetas and other sources.  The Zetas have said that presently 25% of Humans are STO, 7% are STS, and the rest are undecided.

Now, the Council does not allow gifting of ascension to souls who have not attained the minimum required level of consciousness, evidently, and so most of existing Humanity can not ascend to Fourth Density at this time.  (Neither do our schools promote failing students, normally.)

The Zetas have said that the Earth will ascend when 89% of Humans are STO.  If that is true, then Humanity has some serious adjustments to make.  Unfortunately, the Council of Worlds does not allow spirits or extraterrestrials to simply zap or amend the body, mind, or soul of a Human in such a way as to force it to become STO;  free will must be respected, and lessons must be learned the hard way by experience.

If it has taken Homo Sapiens 200,000* years to develop to the point of having 25% STO, then how much longer would it take to reach 89%?  (Or have we regressed, actually, from a better situation earlier?)
   (* See http://yedda.com/questions/evolution_6277018931535/)
But of course, evolution alone, Darwinian or otherwise**, did not make H. Sapiens'  DNA into what it is now; extraterrestrials have come to Earth many times in the past, for many different reasons, and some interbreeding or even deliberate modifications of the DNA of indigenes occurred in some cases.
   (**  See book Spontaneous Evolution by B. Lipton and S. Bhaermon)

Whatever the history of our species might be, the current condition is that environmental degradation and resource depletion have reached the

OK, here is the rest of THE BIG PICTURE.

THE BIG PICTURE REGARDING 2012 - Part 3 of 4 - What to do

The last chapter of The Everything Guide is titled "What Can We Do?".  Mainly, three themes are discussed.
- Change your lifestyle so as to pollute less and waste less.
- Move to an eco-conscious, self-sufficient community.
- Meditate and increase your spirituality.
Actually, the author does not make those recommendations, exactly, but that is the "distilled essence".

Although those are constructive behaviors, perhaps even necessary in the long run to avoid suicide by inanity, they do not deflect Planet X.  Neither is the long run available.  So, the question is, how should a person prepare for, or react to, the intense disruptions that will occur and have already begun?  There are only five basic options in regard to physical survival.
- Plan A:  Build a survival shelter in a remote location and stock it with supplies for at least three years.
- Plan B:  Reinforce your current residence and stock it with supplies for at least three years.
- Plan C:  Stockpile as much supplies as you can and hope that extraterrestrials rescue you in time.
- Plan D:  Make no preparations, and hope to win the conflicts for sustenance, or simply suffer and die.
- Plan E:  Suicide, preferably in a painless, traumaless manner.

The upper echelons of the governments of several countries (e.g, USA, Russia, Norway) are aware of the situation and are making preparations to save themselves and perhaps a few selected citizens.  The U.S. government is spending billions on supplies (e.g, Meals-Ready-to-Eat, packets of some clear liquid), underground facilities (e.g, Mount Weather, Denver airport), relocations (e.g, military bases, CIA headquarters), and telescopes to track Planet X (e.g, Hubble repair, the huge South Pole telescope).  Many wealthy individuals have either bought space in government facilities or else set up private facilities as in plans A or B.  However, the Zetas have said that those facilities for the elite will not suffice to ensure their survival nor isolate them from the chaos.  The underground bases, in particular, will be death traps.

The Zetas do recommend leaving the cities at the earliest indication of severe disruptions.  However, just driving or walking into a rural area does not provide the necessary survival resources, but it might make a rescue by extraterrestrials easier -- if that does happen.  But then, will those ETs be STO or STS?

Cities will be unlivable because of the destruction, looting, dead and rotting flesh and vegetation, disease, and lack of power, water, gas, fuel, food, medicine, medical services, emergency services, telephone service, radio, television, Internet, or any other form of supplies, protection, or support.

The Zetas have said that two-thirds of the population will die from the physical disruptions, and two-thirds of the remainder will die of disease and starvation.  That leaves one ninth of the population, or 11%.  So, if 89% or 90% of the population do not survive, and the original frequency of STOs is 25%, then at most 2 out of every 5 STOs will survive -- and probably less, because at least a few non-STOs will survive also.

According to the book Mass Dreams of the Future by C. Snow, only a few scavengers will be left alive in the cities after the catastrophes.

Obviously, it is not possible to create a situation that guarantees survival for a significantly long time.  Even if a person or family were to move to an isolated location, a) earthquakes, wind, water, fire, heat, cold, and/or rocks and gasses from Planet X's debris tail could kill him/them there; and b) whatever supplies he/they started with would eventually be exhausted.  Then the question is, does he/they have the survival skills necessary to extract food, shelter, clothing, and medicines from the environment using only whatever hand tools are available?  The answer is almost certainly No.  Even expert woodsmen and homesteaders will have difficulty because the environment itself will be severely degraded or at least changed in most locations.  (A pole shift of 90 degrees will move the equator accordingly.)

Still, 10% of the population will survive for a few years, at least.  Surely, most of them will be those who are living in self-sufficient communities of STO individuals, located in the safest areas available, far from any city, where sufficient water, sunshine, and fertile land are available both before and after the crises.

Now, what about those persons who are not able to put themselves in such a favorable situation?  The answer is easily deduced, but it is severe.  Here it is:
- Meditate and increase your spirituality; try to become sincerely STO.  (Practice makes perfect)
- Use Plan C primarily, and have Plan E as a fall-back.  (Carbon Monoxide does a clean and easy death.)

THE BIG PICTURE REGARDING 2012 - Part 4 of 4 - How to do it

Many books and Internet sites contain meditations and further instructions for enhancing spirituality.  Two of my favorites are  1) Path of Empowerment - Pleiadian Wisdom for a World in Chaos  by Barbara Marciniak (2004)  and 2) Soul Wisdom by Dr. Zhi Gang Sha (2008).  Those authors have written other books also.

It is critically important to remember that the soul of every person, before birth, in consultation with other interested souls, decides what lessons should and could be learned in the next life and what infant body to attach to.  Sometimes hard lessons from antisocial actions are to be learned, and sometimes constructive concepts are to be reinforced.  (See Path of Empowerment for further information.)  Therefore, it is of no value to agonize over the counter-productive actions of another person beyond simple correction of a child

Jim,  Good Post.  I haven't read it through yet but what I have read is quite interesting.

Another inspiration hit me a couple weeks ago, so here is another section to The Big Picture.

THE BIG PICTURE REGARDING 2012 -  Appendix - The Timing Mechanism

One possibility for the timing mechanism that Reiser sought is that an agency of the Council of Worlds controls the timing for their own purposes.

Another possibility is that space is rippled, and as the Solar System passes through those ripples, it experiences pulses of energy and periodic changes in the various fields.  Internal changes in the physical Solar System are then induced by those forcing frequencies.

Now, what could cause the ripples?  the topic of Cymatics provides one possible answer to that question.  Cymatics "is the study of visible sound and vibration, a subset of  modal phenomena.  Typically the surface of a plate, diaphragm, or membrane is vibrated, and regions of maximum and minimum displacement are made visible in a thin coating of particles, paste, or liquid.  Different patterns emerge in the exitatory medium depending on the geometry of the plate and the driving frequency.  The apparatus employed can be simple, such as a Chladni Plate or advanced such as the CymaScope, a laboratory instrument that makes visible the inherent geometries within sound and music."  (From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cymatics)

A two-dimensional demonstrations of this effect can be seen by searching for

Ed Douglas:
 I put some of my thoughts together and wanted to post this here, mostly for the moderators, so that the other members won't know that I am crazy. They'll only be able to continue thinking I'm crazy, but with no proof! I wasn't sure if I should post this here, or in another, more appropriate topic. Here goes;

                                       THE BIG PICTURE

 This is an observation. Nothing more, nothing less. I have researched all of the possible scenarios that are abounding on the internet these days, about the upcoming possibilities that 2012, and the destruction that might accompany it. There are many prophecies, and some outright guesses, as to what our future holds. As a part time researcher and having a scientific background, I have input as many of these possible future events, and how and when they will happen, into my small, but empty mind. To me, the strongest evidence of all, is what our ancestors left, to try and warn us of the impending events. It has been decoded that many, if not most of the ancient cities/archaeological discoveries, have been tied to astronomy and the ancients observations of the sun, and planets. Some of these are so precise, such as the Mayan Calendar, that they are more correct than the calendars we use today. To be that precise, with only watching the movements of  bodies in space, takes knowledge we don


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