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I thought I would start this here next to the ascension topic so we can speculate as to what we think is going on.  I know that none of us knows, but it is impossible not to prognosticate.  At any rate, there have been several powerful channeling's posted in the last week and they all are telling us that the time is near, as in weeks and not months.  Something tells me the channeling's are going to fall silent again for the rest of this week and we could see something this weekend.  We have the G8 summit going in Chicago this weekend where, I would venture to guess, they are going to be talking last ditch efforts of the dark cabal.  Would that not also make for a great place and time to start the roundup?  Just a thought.  Also, there is going to be another significant planetary alignment this weekend, the likes of which have been attributed to major earthquakes in the recent past.  The Andromeda Council revealed two weeks or so ago that an earthquake unlike mankind has ever seen is coming shortly.  I'm not trying to freak anyone out I just thought we could talk about things like this here.  I just know I will have my ear close to the ground, so to speak, all weekend.


--- Quote from: JKB on May 15, 2012, 08:45:57 PM ---"  I just know I will have my ear close to the ground, so to speak, all weekend."

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Me too, JKB.  They were also saying just weeks for the cabal roundup (though that might now be extended a bit per Wood and possibly even Drake).  Somehow I get the feeling that the two are really connected...like the cabal needs to brought down first or perhaps even simultaneously?  I'm sure that nothing can really be foreseen, but I guess I'm still really hoping and praying that this will all come about.
I also think that we are coming close to the critical mass of numbers needed for this all to be possible, are you thinking along those lines as well, perhaps?
Also, Drake is speaking on the website www. freedomreigns.us tonight as well, might be some updates on all that cabal and timeframe info then.


I will endeavour to have a look at that website Enlightenme, thanks, and JKB yes i totally agree the G8 summit would be a perfect place for a round up. ;D

I was wondering where to put this but here is as good as any! I thought i would post today's message from UK astrologer Jonathan Cainer.

"Since the Dark of the Moon, a ribbon of light has reappeared. It will widen slowly to become a banana, then a slice of melon until, by early June, it is a whole bright peach. These images are appropriate. During this particular journey of the Moon, many plans will start to bear fruit. The same conditions that gave rise to a solar eclipse last weekend will remain until early June, allowing a glorious lunar eclipse. When, as now, the world is between two eclipses, even the darkest fears have no option but to bow before the brightest hopes."

Ain't that nice :D

Hope he is right! ;D

You and me both.  Thanks for sharing that Mel.


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