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Author Topic: 2012-05-25 18:37:31 - Landslide - Indonesia, Tanah Longsor - Indonesia  (Read 428 times)

Nigel Beardsley

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An official says a landslide on Indonesia’s main island of Java has killed at least six gold miners.Six other workers at the illegal mine are still missing after the landslide in West Java’s district of Bogor.Disaster management agency official Budi Aksomo said Friday several days of rain caused the landslide at the mountainous site Thursday.He added that eight miners were found alive.Rescuers are still evacuating the bodies from the scene and searching for the missing miners.rnSeasonal downpours often cause landslides and flash floods in Indonesia, an archipelego nation where millions of people live on mountains or near fertile flood plains.

Seorang pejabat mengatakan tanah longsor di pulau utama Indonesia Jawa telah menewaskan sedikitnya enam penambang emas. Enam pekerja lainnya di tambang ilegal masih hilang setelah tanah longsor di daerah Jawa Barat dari Bogor.Disaster manajemen lembaga resmi Budi Aksomo Jumat mengatakan beberapa hari hujan menyebabkan tanah longsor di lokasi pegunungan Kamis. Dia menambahkan bahwa delapan penambang ditemukan alive.Rescuers masih mengevakuasi mayat dari tempat kejadian dan mencari hujan miners.rnSeasonal hilang sering menyebabkan tanah longsor dan banjir bandang di Indonesia, sebuah negara archipelego mana jutaan orang tinggal di pegunungan atau banjir subur dekat dataran.


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