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Author Topic: Taiwan landslides, 台湾山体滑坡, May 28  (Read 546 times)

Nigel Beardsley

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Taiwan landslides, 台湾山体滑坡, May 28
« on: May 28, 2012, 03:18:45 AM »
Several landslides occurred Monday in the central county of Nantou, on a provincial highway and the road around the Sun Moon Lake tourist area, but no casualties were reported. The landslides were caused by heavy rains that started early in the morning in the mountain areas, officials of the Directorate General of Highways said. rnAs of noon Monday, the accumulated rainfall in Renai Township, Aowanda Mountain, and the Sun Moon Lake area in Yuchih Township had reached more than 120 millimeters, exceeding the level defined as torrential rain, according to the Central Weather Bureau. The landslides occurred at the 67 km-mark on the Taiwan Provincial Highway No.14, and at the 1.5 km-, 11 km- and 17 km-mark on the Sun Moon Lake circle road, partly blocking traffic, the officials said.The weather bureau's forecast for Monday was showers and thunder showers around Taiwan, with torrential rain in the central, southern and northeastern regions of the island. The front that is lingering over Taiwan is expected to move southward to the Bashi Channel on Tuesday, but intermittent showers will continue in southern, eastern and northeastern parts of the island, the weather bureau forecast.



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