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Author Topic: Severe storms over regions of Northern China 在中国北方地区严重的风暴  (Read 565 times)

Nigel Beardsley

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Heavy rainfall has been sweeping across parts of Northern and Northeast China. The storms caused traffic delays and many flights have been delayed or cancelled. Beijing received a huge sudden downpour at around 3pm Sunday, local time. The clouds were so heavy that the capital almost fell into darkness. Some vehicles became stranded on the roads, and the storm prompted officials to declare a “Blue alarm” - the lowest emergency level. Northeast China also suffered torrential rain, with thunder and hail storms. Some areas saw over 50 millimeters of rainfall within just 2 hours. Parts of the country’s south also suffered severe storms. Weather forecasters say the bad weather could last another 3 or 4 days. It’s prompting fears that flooding could occur along the country’s waterways.

暴雨已经席卷中国北部和东北的部分地区。风暴造成的交通延误,许多航班被延误或取消。北京收到一个巨大的突如其来的大雨,在当地时间下午3点左右(星期日)。云是如此沉重,资本几乎到夜幕降临。一些车辆滞留在道路上,和风暴促使官员申报的“蓝色警报” - 紧急的最低水平。中国东北地区也遭受暴雨,雷声和冰雹。在短短2个小时,部分地区出现降雨超过50毫米。该国南部部分地区也遭受了严重的风暴。气象预报说,恶劣的天气可能会持续3或4天。它促使人们担心,洪水可能发生沿该国的水道。


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