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Author Topic: Outbreak of H5N1 bird flu in China. 在中国的H5N1禽流感疫情  (Read 469 times)

Nigel Beardsley

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China's northwestern Gansu province has reported an outbreak of the highly epidemic H5N1 bird flu virus in poultry, the Ministry of Agriculture (MOA) announced Wednesday. More than 6,200 chickens at a farm in a village in Luyang, a town in Jingtai county, showed symptoms of suspected avian flu Friday, and 260 of them have died, according to the MOA. The National Avian Influenza Reference Laboratory on Tuesday confirmed the epidemic was H5N1 bird flu after testing samples collected at the farm, the MOA said. Local authorities have sealed off and sterilized the infected area, where a total of 18,460 chickens have been culled and safely disposed of in order to prevent the disease from spreading since the case was confirmed, according to the MOA. A team was dispatched by the ministry to the quarantined area to guide epidemic prevention and monitoring. Bird flu, or avian influenza, is a contagious disease of animal origin caused by viruses that normally infect only birds and, less commonly, pigs. It can be fatal to humans.

中国西北甘肃省已报告的高度流行的H5N1禽流感病毒在家禽中爆发,农业部(MOA),部周三宣布。 6200多名在庐阳,在景泰县镇的一个村庄中的一个农场的鸡,表明周五的疑似禽流感症状,其中260个已经死亡,根据农业部。国家禽流感参考实验室在周二证实疫情是H5N1禽流感病毒测试样本后,在该农场收集,农业部说。地方当局已经封锁和消毒疫区,共有18,460只鸡被宰杀和安全处置,为了防止疾病蔓延的情况下被证实以来,根据农业部。 A队派出了由部隔离区,指导疫情的预防和监测。禽流感,禽流感,是一种由病毒引起的,通常仅感染鸟类,较少见,猪的动物源性传染病。它可以给人类的致命伤。


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