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Author Topic: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?  (Read 11552 times)


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GUEST: Bryce Zabel
Tuesday, June 26, 2012
Chat Room + Call In

An interesting thing to note about the term “disclosure” is the etymology of the term itself. It only became a part of the public lexicon in the 1950's.

Since then, a continual war of humiliation, dismissal and worse has been heaped upon those who step forward to report their UFO sightings. But by whom?

Ah heck, let's not be naïve. We know who “they” are, so the real question is: when will the lying bastards finally come clean? And given their decades obfuscation and suppression, how are we to know they truly have come clean?

Or, will it be a manipulated event that occurs because something finally lands on White House lawn in a cloud of swamp gas, just as a network news entertainer is reporting another sex scandal on live TV– and the cameraman forgets to zoom in, so we actually do see the landing in the background.

To discuss these disclosure possibilities is Bryce Zabel, co-author of A.D. After Disclosure: When the Government Finally Reveals the Truth About Alien Contact.


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Re: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?
« Reply #1 on: June 20, 2012, 09:49:57 PM »
That will be some show -I wouldn't miss it.
- Barb Townsend


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Re: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?
« Reply #2 on: June 21, 2012, 05:31:53 AM »
I'm marking my calendar for this one!


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Re: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?
« Reply #3 on: July 09, 2012, 10:37:29 AM »
Marshall, this is interesting, article below. Surely, proper disclosure cannot be too far behind...?
Of course they can just lie on indefinitely....
- Yowbarb
My Topic Link:

Extraterrestrials, Their Agenda Or Ours? / Roswell UFO/Not Of This Earth/There Were ET Cadavers: Ex-CIA Agent Says
« on: Today at 10:24:59 AM »L

Extraterrestrials, Their Agenda Or Ours? / Roswell UFO/Not Of This Earth/There Were ET Cadavers: Ex-CIA Agent Says
« on: Today at 10:24:59 AM »

Updated: 07/08/2012 2:22 pm

Happy anniversary, Roswell, N.M. It was 65 years ago today that the Roswell Daily Record blasted an infamous headline claiming local military officials had captured a flying saucer on a nearby ranch. And now, a former CIA agent says it really happened.

"It was not a damn weather balloon -- it was what it was billed when people first reported it," said Chase Brandon, a 35-year CIA veteran. "It was a craft that clearly did not come from this planet, it crashed and I don't doubt for a second that the use of the word 'remains' and 'cadavers' was exactly what people were talking about."

Brandon served as an undercover, covert operations officer in the agency's Clandestine Service for 25 years, where he was assigned missions in international terrorism, counterinsurgency, global narcotics trafficking and weapons smuggling. He spent his final 10 years of CIA service on the director's staff as the agency's first official liaison to the entertainment and publication industries. It was during this time, in the mid-1990s, that he walked into a special section of CIA headquarters in Langley, Va., called the Historical Intelligence Collection.

"It was a vaulted area and not everybody could get in it," Brandon told The Huffington Post.

[Continued] July 08 

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Re: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?
« Reply #4 on: September 29, 2012, 06:37:43 PM »
This from ZetaTalk Chat Q&A for September 29, 2012  at :

[start copy]
The  announcement - composed of a brief overview by Obama explaining the now overturned National Security directive by Reagan followed by scientific explanations by NASA – had been pre-taped and  ready to go by Friday night September 14, 2012 right after the US markets closed.  But the escalating violence, a dozen attacks on US embassies in a swath from the Netherlands to Australia, forced a decision to delay until the next weekend.  Up until this time the crew planning the announcement informed the US military, in case riots broke out, and had alerted US banks to have extra cash on hand, stating only that Obama would be making an announcement .

Heads of State had been told about the presence of Planet X in the solar system in the Fall of 2003, by Bush, and told to keep their mouths shut. It was only after the embassy rioting delayed the first planned weekend announcement that the crew re-considered the effect on other countries. After all, rioting might break out as a result of the announcement. Allies in Europe and Australia did not like the late night Friday hour. Europe would prefer that they have the day to have the calming voice of their politicians on TV, and Australia did not want their day to break first so that they would be the first to have to explain to the world, via their politicians, any concerns that had not been covered by the US announcement. Early Saturday in the US thus became the slot of choice.

As more people were notified, their concerns tumbled in, and became a crescendo. Each concern required resolution, whether it be to clarify who was or was not responsible for the cover-up all these decades, to take time to arrange for extra security on banks or the residences of politicians, or to explain the immediate dangers to the public. Nancy had recommended to the crew implementing the announcement that they include the fact that Planet X had been in the inner solar system “for years”, to mollify immediate panic, and state in some manner that planetary bodies do not just crash into each other, but enter a “dance” of sorts, binary suns being an example. These recommendations were now accepted and implemented. Thus the second weekend of September 22-23, 2012 was expended resolving concerns and re-taping the pre-taped announcement, until it was too late.

Meanwhile the Council of Worlds continued to ramp up the pressure. As the first weekend opportunity passed, Alberto’s photos from September 15 suddenly showed that the corpus of Planet X itself had become more visible. Other photographers noted the same. As the second weekend opportunity passed, Alberto’s photos from September 21 suddenly showed a disbursed red dust cloud with greater visibility of the Moon Swirls, including the individual moons. Other photographers once again also noted the same in their image captures. The Council of Worlds had announced they planned to increase the signs in the skies for mankind until the announcement was made. What awaited the last weekend in September?   
[end copy]

I have not been able to find further info about "the now overturned National Security directive by Reagan".  Can anybody assist?


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Re: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?
« Reply #5 on: September 29, 2012, 08:39:31 PM »
Jim, thanks for posting this.
- Yowbarb


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Re: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?
« Reply #6 on: September 30, 2012, 01:27:51 AM »
I wouldn't expect an announcement of any kind until the earth begins to move........

As for the Reagan directive, the only thing I could find on google was from 2009 and appears totally unrelated.


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Re: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?
« Reply #7 on: September 30, 2012, 09:36:52 AM »
I believe the only way the government will come clean is when we are all aware and can see what is happening for ourselves.  They will never admit it beforehand.  And when they do, they will cover their a----'s by saying somehow it sneaked past them etc, etc and that is why they did not tell us beforehand.


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Re: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?
« Reply #8 on: October 01, 2012, 09:13:29 AM »
This is a re-cap of what transpired over the weekend for those that might have been unaware of Obama's intended 'announcement' on the truth of PlanetX and our near future...he has much to procrastinate about for as long as he can for much the same reasons as those that thought it best to 'cover everything up'. But, I think, he will try to use it much to his advantage, because he is wanting people to believe he is bringing out the truth to the people.

Congress sure left early this year, not to campaign for the coming elections, bu to take care of all their personal needs, when they got the news. With Congress out of the picture, Obama is totally running Capitol Hill...what if he proclaimed PlanetX to be a National Emergency and canceled the upcoming elections by an Executive Order, after all he's a little bit in the lead. That's good enough, isn't it. What a 'surprise' for all!

What happened this past weekend, September 29-30, 2012? As noted in an blog dated September 27, 2012,
the 1st weekend attempt was blown due to the widespread embassy riots (which spanned from the Netherlands to Sydney, Australia) and the 2nd weekend attempt was blown due to Heads of State around the world concerned about the timing. The narrow 48 hour window between Friday night in the US and Sunday night in the US, when all the stock markets in the world are closed, and the insistence among European and Australian allies that the announcement happen early in the day in the US so the US is responsible for addressing any panic that ensues, also tightens the time windows available on a Saturday or Sunday.  So why didn’t the announcement occur over the 3rd weekend? Per the Zetas, it was not for lack of trying.
ZetaTalk Status 9/29/2012:
Once again the announcement is in human hands. But because of the sense of purpose that those in charge currently have, the determination not to be deflected or stalled, the Council of Worlds has held back with yet another punch. What is different this weekend from the last two weekends when the announcement was aborted? There have been personnel switches, so that those who personally were reluctant to see the announcement happen were removed from the crew. There have also been some changes in plan, so that stations will actually alert the public of the pending announcement an hour ahead of time. This is expected to be less of an alarm, thus, to the public, than the use of the emergency broadcast system. This also allows stations to position their advertisements and breaks in their programming, experiencing less resentment for the interruption.

Certainly the banks seemed to be positioned, as the Zetas had mentioned earlier, for the public trying to withdrawn cash. The banks had been told to have extra cash on hand. Was a supposed hacking attempt by Iran responsible for online banking slowdowns, or was this deliberate on the part of the banks? Others reported nervous tellers when withdrawing cash at the bank counter.

HIGH ALERT! Millions of Bankers can’t bank online.
September 28, 2012
The financial and banking industries are on high alert tonight as a massive cyberattack continues, with potentially millions of customers of Bank of America, PNC and Wells Fargo finding themselves blocked from banking online.

I, Nancy, was watching the process with a close group of friends in a chat, Gerard and his moderators. We were all watching CNN on Saturday, via various networks, so correlated what we observed with what the Zetas were telling us was occurring behind the scenes. During various attempts, which seemed to be aborted because of last minute coordination between the major networks and the Emergency Alert System to be used for other networks, we noted the following:
 ■CNN had at least 4 advertising spates in the half hour leading into 4:00 Central Time, an indication they expected to have the announcement happen at the top of the hour or just after, a planned time, and wanted to avoid loss of revenue from the advertising not getting their expected slot.
 ■At 4:30 Central Time several individuals watching CNN via different networks heard a beep. That was a time when the EAS was supposed to broadcast.
 ■At 5:10 Central Time Wolf Blitzer said "certainly is a lot going on" and then paused inexplicably and said nothing for a moment. That was the time CNN was supposed to play their tape.

The announcement was reset for Sunday, due to the lateness of the hour, but after coordination with the major TV networks on their Sunday morning talk shows, yet another snag was encountered. The Zetas had given the announcement a 93% change of occurring, due to human hands, but the 7% still lurked. As soon emerged on Sunday September 30, 2012, sabotage of the Emergency Alert System was in place.

ZetaTalk Status 9/30/2012:
What was discovered Saturday was that the manager of the EAS had not even loaded the announcement in the system, and had so complicated the coordination with the hundreds of networks involved that the hour would never arrive. This was on purpose, as he was well in bed with those in the US government who did not want the announcement to proceed.

Arrested for treason, disobeying a direct order from the President of the United States, this manager was replaced, but soon other problems were discovered. The manager at the helm was not the only player involved in this treason. The Emergency Alert System is complex, many hands in the mix, many arenas where mischief can play.

Emergency Alert System
The Emergency Alert System (EAS) is a national warning system in the United States put into place on January 1, 1997, when it superseded the Emergency Broadcast System (EBS), which itself had superseded the CONELRAD System. In addition to alerting the public of local weather emergencies such as tornadoes and flash floods, the official EAS is designed to enable the President of the United States to speak to the United States within 10 minutes, but the nationwide federal EAS has never been activated. The EAS regulations and standards are governed by the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau of the FCC. Each state and several territories have their own EAS plan. EAS has become part of IPAWS - the Integrated Public Alert and Warning System, a program of Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). EAS is jointly coordinated by FEMA, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), and the National Weather Service (NOAA/NWS). The EAS is used on AM, FM and Land Mobile Radio Service, as well as VHF, UHF, FiOS (wireline video providers), and cable television including low-power stations. Digital television and cable providers, along with Sirius XM satellite radio, IBOC, DAB and digital radio broadcasters have been required to participate in the EAS since December 31, 2006. DirecTV, Dish Network and all other DBS providers have been required to participate since May 31, 2007.

While efforts to find and fix all the sabotage on Sunday occurred, the window of time closed on yet another weekend. This is not for lack of intent on Obama’s part, nor lack of resolve in the Council of Worlds. What will unfold next?


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Re: DISCLOSURE: When Will The Lying Bastards Finally Come Clean?
« Reply #9 on: October 02, 2012, 03:53:47 PM »
A ton of executive orders under both Bush and now Obama pretty much the Federal Government carte blanche to do whatever they want as far as communications go - even on the net. I have trouble believing that a single government bureaucrat was able to foil such an important announcement. We have a presidential debate coming up tomorrow in which Obama could disclose this information. I mean, football moved for his speech to the DNC and the media loves this guy, he says he needs to make an announcement, everything else dims instantly.

I think Endtimesgal_2012 has it exactly right, it will be post pole shift, with lots of excuses thrown in. Perhaps this last weekend was a dry run in preparation for the actual pole shift event. I mean if it is 1/2 as catastrophic as most people here anticipate, the announcement will have to be made immediately following the event. So doing a dry run makes absolute sense.

I also think Survival101 has a valid point, this election could very well scrapped because widespread power outage will make an election impossible. Hopefully it would simply be delayed, but given some of his other tactics this elections, it could very well get skipped.


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