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Separating the wheat from the chaff.......


National Geographics just ran this article which has lots of bad information wrapped around a single truth. Here's the link

Fact one: lightning from summer storms increases ozone.
Fact two: The ozone layer was expected to get stronger when CFCs diminished. When they didn't they started looking at the sun and found out the sun wipes out over 90% of our ozone, CFCs played a very minor role and enough time has passed since CFCs were removed from those products they no longer affect our atmosphere AT ALL.
Fact three: we've had a lot of solar flare activity which also weakens our ozone layer (so the skin cancer threat is the one legitimate point of this article).  The solar flare activity also briefly compresses the magnetic field which is probably how this moisture is getting up so high.
Fact four: A highly weakened magnetic field explains bird deaths, fish deaths, extreme weather, and God forbid, a rise in skin cancer.

I can come to no other conclusion than the global warming myth (which is rapidly losing scientists every day) is being misused to explain significant earth changes. The magnetic field is in serious trouble, the cause for that is the real question. Just solar activity? A pole shift? Or both caused by an approaching Nibiru?

My vote would be for both.  I would have thought National Geographic would do a better job with their research before posting articles.  I'd say they too are grasping for straws for explanations, imo.  Thanks for posting!

I've been waiting for someone to bring back the old "hole in the ozone layer" stuff again.   The thing is, it's natural, and normal to have a hole in it and it expands and contracts all the time like it's supposed to.  But I have to admit, thinking lightening is going to effect it at all, is a bit silly.  I also don't see how water vapor is a greenhouse gas, but whatever.  If that helps people sleep better at night, ok then.

not to mention we have drought over much of the US this year lol so how the storms we haven't had could be affecting us is truly a mystery.

--- Quote --- I would have thought National Geographic would do a better job with their research before posting articles.
--- End quote ---

Sadly fact finding is no longer required for articles.

On separating the wheat from the chaff:  Re the Ozone Holes, I read on the internet that some bright government/scientific spark decided to explode a nuclear device to put holes in the ozone to let out the heat created by global warming, then blamed it on chloroflourocarbon pollution.

Re the lack of rain in 2012.  I connected some dots.  Chemtrail suspended particles are said to combine with water vapor and remain suspended instead of falling as rain.  Then, I read that the world population control folks decided that if they stopped food production in the world's bread basket, it would cause two billion people in the world to die of starvation.  Get the connection?  This is in addition to placing in food and water a nanotechnological device which it is projected at least 86% of people now have.  When they are ready, a specifically coded microwave signal through cell phone towers, drones, etc., causes the nano devices to deploy in the lungs (for which there is no cure) and the victims get flu-like symptoms and are dead in 12 days.  Nice folks these!  Compliments of a whistleblower on


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