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Author Topic: Is December 21, 2012 a Coincidental Date? - Maya Technologist, James O’Kon, P.E.  (Read 2051 times)


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Cut to the Chase #147
Guest: Dr. James O’Kon, P.E.
9-August-2012 [0:58:13]

What on Earth could a structural engineer who builds rocket assembly towers and launch pads, bring to the Mayan Calendar discussion? A fresh perspective. 

Maya Technologist and the author of The Lost Secrets of Maya Technology, James O’Kon, P.E. sees the ancient Maya through the technologies they used to build a vast empire. And in certain regards, the Mayans surpassed ancient Rome as well!

Yet both empires failed. Rome for internal reasons which bear a striking resemblance to what we're doing today.  And the Maya because their technology was overcome by a long drought.  A reality that likewise bears a striking resemblance to what we're experiencing today.
Given the technical sophistication of the Maya, is the end of their present calendar on December 21, 2012 a mere coincidence of no great import? Or does it mean more than that? And if it does, are we wise to ignore that?


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