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10th Planet-太阳系第10行星-X行星(Planet X)  9:26  25,307 Views

Uploaded by auagate on Sep 25, 2009
(Subtitle: Chinese&English)太阳系第10行星的存在可能性早在30年前就已经被官方科学界关注,X行星(Planet X)至今仍未被正式公开确认并命名,也许X行星代表了包含第10行星的一小群星体之一;也许它就是传说中的Nibiru(尼碧汝),可是,它们的现状究竟如何呢?


"Robert (Bob) Harrington died on Jan. 23,, I want to show him my best regards!"


啟示錄第六印:行星X  3:07


Uploaded by hkotnet on Jan 26, 2011
12 揭開第六印的時候,我又看見地大震動,日頭變黑像毛布,月亮(moon)變紅像血,
13 天上的星辰墜落於地,如同無花果樹被大風搖動,落下未熟的果子一樣。
14 天就挪移,好像書卷被捲起來;山嶺海島都被挪移離開本位。
15 地上的君王、臣宰、將軍、富戶、壯士,和一切為奴的、自主的,都藏在山洞和巖石穴裡,
16 向山和巖石說:倒在我們身上吧!把我們藏起來,躲避坐寶座者的面目和羔羊的忿怒;
17 因為他(his)忿怒的大日到了,誰能站得住呢。

17 地上的居民哪,恐懼、陷坑、網羅都臨近你。
18 躲避恐懼聲音的必墜入陷坑;從陷坑上來的必被網羅纏住;因為天上的窗戶都開了,地的根基也震動了。
19 地全然破壞,盡都崩裂,大大地震動了。
20 地要東倒西歪,好像醉酒的人;又挪移除去,如除草棚(removed like a cottage)。罪過在其上沉重,必然塌陷,不能復起。


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Earthquake in China (150 deads and 5000 woundeds) (Sichuan) 20/4/2013

Joan Mangues Sempere     Joan Mangues Sempere·37 videos


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February 2009 FEMA Funds Dome Tornado Shelters

FEMA Funds First Dome Tornado Shelter for Missouri School : New Steel-Reinforced Concrete Dome to Double as Preschool Classroom

NIANGUA, Missouri (February 27, 2009)

A small Missouri school district has received funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) to build a Dome Shelter that will double as a preschool classroom. The dome is the first building of its kind approved for FEMA funding.

The shelter, which will hold approximately 400 people, is being constructed for the Niangua R-V School District. The building qualified for the grant money because the concrete dome meets FEMA’s criteria for design and construction of community safe rooms, and also offer near-absolute protection from tornadoes and hurricanes.

“After all the federally declared disasters we have faced in Webster County in the past two years, we applied for and received a grant to build a community storm shelter in the Niangua area,” says emergency management director Bill Sexton. “The building will not only protect people during a tornado, it will also double as a classroom.”

The building will cost $311,750 to build, but ninety percent of the funding is coming from FEMA. Niangua’s pre-school students currently attend class in double-wide trailers, which have been described as tornado magnets.   

Concrete Domes are steel-reinforced buildings that are known not only for their safety, but for their energy efficiency. A dome can cost as much as 50 percent less to heat and cool than a traditional structure of the same size. Because of the materials used in their construction, they also are fire safe.

Also the “green” features of the building are excellent. “The energy savings along will usually pay for the total cost of the structure within the first 20 years,” Bill said. “They also are very durable structures. Properly maintained, they will last for centuries.”  He added that every school in the nation could benefit from a dome that doubles as a tornado shelter. 

Many Concrete dome schools have been built in Texas, Arizona, Missouri, Oklahoma, Florida, Idaho, and Minnesota. Several dome schools are currently under construction or about to break ground, including one in Kansas.

The construction method used to build Concrete Domes is as unusual as the buildings themselves. The process begins with the placement of a ring beam footing and the pouring of a circular steel-reinforced concrete slab floor. In many cases, a stem wall is then erected to give the building straight walls and a more conventional look. Next, crews attach an Airform, which is inflated using giant fans.

Once the Airform is inflated, work moves inside where wood panel is attached to frame the windows and doors. Three inches of polyurethane foam is then sprayed on the rest of the Airform, and a grid of steel rebar is attached to the foam. In the final step, crews spray on a layer of Shotcrete that ranges from 4 inches at the top to 8 inches at the base. The result is a permanent and virtually indestructible structure.

For more information about Concrete Domes schools in Taiwan or other Pacific Rim countries, contact Charles Lin at +886 939 928 719, Email:



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