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Magnetic Motor and generator producing 300 Volts now

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We are few people working on a magnetic motor and generator. We start it many months ago and we got it running. Now we can produce from 200-500 Volts per coils but we have a problem with the brake of the generator and we need to rebuild it- all the coils we have. This is big is not small, our plan was to get 10KW on one motor with one set of coils for generator.
As time is short I'm asking you there and see if anybody know about the magnetic force after the pole shift. In the same time any ideas on such devices. In general I did not want to post such on Internet but now the time is short and we will need to group.

By the way I forgot to say, just if this is  "free energy" device still cost a lot to build and research.  What is interesting to see on the voltmeter is simple: the energy is coming from some place as is clear the input is this number and the output from commutator is few times more. But again this is not an exact model yet is just "under construction".


I'm thinking one image is worth 1,000 words or more. So this is a view of it. The magnets are in 2 inch D and 1 inch  for gen. So this is high versus many other such motors... and gen... Enjoy.
On the left is the generator with only one round of it and on the right you will see the motor with the big coil and the magnets. The pulley is between as transition of power...

adriang, That is amazing!!  Yes a picture is definitely worth a 1,000 words, especially for someone like me without a scientific background.  So, unfortunately I wouldn't have a clue regarding your original question, but thanks so much for sharing this with us, and Welcome to the Town Hall!

"So, unfortunately I wouldn't have a clue regarding your original question". on the post above this.
My original "question" is not a question is a project description, If I can say that. We start with few people and the idea is simple: create a self running motor and generator to produce 6KW or better 10KW. So this is how we started. The story is long but I'm trying to be short and to the point. The point is simple: can be done if people work in unity.
Now for the pole shift I think is just good to have one. In the same time if anybody there has an electrical car I like to know and if so, I like to see if we can test it to be hooked to the car and produce continues power so the car will travel longer range and eventually get a trip from LA to NY with no charge and if you like go back and forth as long as you like and your tires will support you.  What about that? yes this is the story in short.
So thanks for posting above as is giving me a clue of your understanding as for me is simple. Just do it.
We will work it so will be an open source project under something , later to be now we do not know all the details, but is working nice until now and of course need more work as the builder  need to rebuild most of it with a better coils and power supply etc. So for now we are happy , at least to say. If I will tell you where the energy is coming to run the motor you will not believe it as is not any conventional one. So is nice to just discover the Universe and how think should work. Easy.


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