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Author Topic: Basketball - sized ice ball from above our stratosphere - a new phenomenon  (Read 3600 times)


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Last night I watched a show about giant balls of ice smashing through people's roofs so
unexpectedly they thought it was a gas leak. Investigators found it was a hit from outside not
an explosion from within. Basketball sized, some of them.
Will be back to post the show and more info.
The ice was above the stratosphere, up in the troposphere, as I recall. Will have to watch it again.
We can expect more of this unless there is enough volcanic action to cool the atmosphere again...
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Re: Bombardments of ice from above our stratosphere - a new phenomenon
« Reply #1 on: April 22, 2010, 11:17:28 AM »
It was a new show called "Wierd Or What" on
the Discovery Channel, April 21st.
Investigating the big ice bombs.
- Yowbarb


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BTW Ed, I hope it's OK with you I post this new Topic here. In the back of my mind I feel
these new ice bombs are indirectly related to Planet X.
The ice bomb phenomenon is being attributed to global warming due to the increased amount
of moisture in the atmosphere, etc. Will get more into what was said on the show about it, in awhile.
- Yowbarb

Ed Douglas

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Absolutely OK! It's strange, that my brother told me about the ice balls today at lunch, then I see them here.


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Absolutely OK! It's strange, that my brother told me about the ice balls today at lunch, then I see them here.

Hello Ed, well glad it's OK.
How about that synchronicity - I had never heard of those things until last night... ???
May have heard some reports - that sounded like big whoppers - in the last couple of years -
of hail but not an actual report. I do vaguely remember some tale (now disproven) of a
blob of ice from an airplane toilet smashing down and wreaking havoc. On the Wierd Or What
show- some pilot said no way would that happen. So now it looks like it is figured out where
these are from and it's from waay up there...

- Yowbarb


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