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Author Topic: Survivalist home medicines and natural home cures to help get rid of parasites  (Read 48810 times)


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Hi All,
I am separating out the posts on how to get rid of parasites and putting them here in this new Topic.
I will be starting a master list here - alphabetical - of medicines, herbs, substances and foods which help rid the
body of parasites - or at least keep the numbers down.
Members you can add to the list at any time. Simply post your suggestion and/or copy the list and paste your suggestion into it and paste in a new post. If you don't have time to do all that, simply post your suggestion.
If you do have the time: Post your success stories of the method used, along with any links to articles or info on the anti parasite cures. If it "just something you heard" - that data is also welcome here.
- Yowbarb


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People used to know more about many parasites and how to get rid of them - that seems to be true.
Most doctors will not try to prevent or treat these things and the labs will miss a lot of them.
The material covered is not the whole body of knowledge but there are a couple tips which probably do not cost much... important. Wild Oregano and also fresh raw papaya juice. Two methods.
Here are some excerpts from a site I just found which is sharing a lot of knowledge on candida, various parasites and methods of getting rid of these conditions.  Live Longer
Everything the rest of this post is a quote,

"... the book Beating Lyme by Constance Bean, that there are only a couple of labs in the country that have microscopes powerful enough to see them, which is why 80% of the tests given for Lyme disease are false negative."

"Lyme disease is also an epidemic that is at the core of a great deal of degenerative disease of "unknown origin" and causes untold misery and suffering for countless thousands of people who may have it for decades without being given an accurate diagnosis, which is exactly what happened to me.

It is called the great immitator, for it imitates numerous diseases of "unknown origin" such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, ALS (Lou Gehring's disease), and lupus, to name a few. According to Dr. Klinghardt and others, it is also behind the rising epidemic of childhood autism. In my case, it caused what was falsely diagnosed as Rheumatoid arthritis for 25 years. As Lyme disease is caused by multiple factors, not just parasites, healing it requires an intricate and advanced protocol. For more information about how I healed it, as well as other alternative approaches, please read my general information page on Lyme disease.

To discover if parasites are the source of your symptoms, you will need to be tested by a doctor. Each type of bug needs a different kind of test as well as its own unique pharmaceutical treatment, so you may need to seek the services of a physician or naturopath to get rid of them, as healing from a bacterial or parasitic infection can be quite tricky. However, since medication comes along with a whole host of side effects, as I found out when I took Flageyl for Blastocystis Hominis, which [Flagyl] caused horrendous stomach pain, you might want to try a natural remedy first.

Ridding the body of heavy metals and environmental toxins is one way to overcome parasites. Both heavy metals and environmental toxins damage cells. Because parasites are particularly attracted to damaged flesh, when you rid the body of heavy metals and environmental toxins you deprive them of their food supply. Once they are deprived of their food supply, herbal remedies can easily kill them, but you need to know what you are doing. Best to seek the aid of a natural healer if you want to go this route.

In the book Live Food Juices, Dr. H.E. Kirschner states that a raw papaya diet is effective for killing parasites that live in your gut. As papayas, (including the seeds, which can be dried, ground, and either encapsulated or sprinkled on food),  are very high in enzymes, the enzymes are able to digest the parasites that live in your gut. The formula would be nothing but fresh, raw papaya juice for six days, followed by six days of regular vegetable juice, and then six days of papaya juice. This should also be accompanied by enemas and colonics.

In addition, wild oregano oil is reputed to kill most parasites.

Products such as Oreganol or Oregamax are excellent for this purpose. The raw oil should be diluted in olive oil so it does not irritate your skin. It can then be rubbed along the lymph nodes on either side of the spine from the base of your skull to your tail bone, which is where many viruses and parasites hide. As with all essential oils, you can also rub it on the bottom of your feet, where it will begin to effect you systemically within seconds. In addition, you can take wild oregano internally in the form of gel caps, as well as put a couple of drops of it directly under your tongue. For difficult parasites like Borrelia burgdorferi from Lyme disease, you may have to do this for many months in combination with other remedies before you see the results you want. As always, I believe a multidimensional approach is best. Again, see the page on Lyme disease for signs, symptoms, and additional ways to kill these unwanted critters.

Dr. Klinghardt, whose knowledge I highly respect, recommends rizol oils for killing parasites. These are ozonated oils that release oxygen into your system slowly. This aids in the detoxification process. These ozonated essential oils are made out of herbs that are known for their parasite killing properties. His protocol is quite involved, extensive and intricate so it is best to view his information first-hand by going to his website."

End quote


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Yowbarb:  Thanks for the information, very valuable.


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Yowbarb: I too agree on the Oregano oil/leaf for parasites as a vermifuge. I've also had good fortune with my family and clients with them taking Neem Leaf, Diatomaceous Earth and even just mint steeped in milk. Prevention is always best/better than prophylactic measures, so taking probiotics like fermented foods and Kefir and DE daily can help protect and also built stronger bones, teeth, hair & nails, just be sure to hydrate sufficiently to avoid constipation...


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Yowbarb: I too agree on the Oregano oil/leaf for parasites as a vermifuge. I've also had good fortune with my family and clients with them taking Neem Leaf, Diatomaceous Earth and even just mint steeped in milk. Prevention is always best/better than prophylactic measures, so taking probiotics like fermented foods and Kefir and DE daily can help protect and also built stronger bones, teeth, hair & nails, just be sure to hydrate sufficiently to avoid constipation...

Survival101, thanks so much for this info! It's always good to get posts from people who have tried some of these substances or given them to help people.
I had Neem once or twice as a food part of Indian meal it was so delicious and appealing. I plan to get the diatomaceous earth within the coming three weeks...human food grade and the animal food grade.
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DE comes as Food Grade and Pool Grade, you only want Food Grade for yourself, pets/animals and plants. I'd recommend, that you buy in bulk, locally from your feed/hardware or garden supply, I buy by the 50# bag. Don't get any with bentonite clay mixed in, just pure DE. Keep in a dry place, do not breathe in or get into your eyes when you work with it. It will keep forever, and you will need it for the future, if you or anyone else would like more info, just let me know...


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DE comes as Food Grade and Pool Grade

What is DE?


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DE is diatomacteous earth.  There are two kinds, and one needs to make sure the type they ingest is food grade as the regular kind contains small glass particles to the best of my knowledge.  A search on the internet will give a wealth of information on this very valuable and usable product.  Most health stores carry it.  Well worth stocking up on.


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Whoa, here... Yes, there are two kinds of DE, the diatoms can be from freshwater or saltwater, both are fossilized shell creatures, the shells are what you are getting and using with DE whether for pool filtration (also, other added ingredients) or Food Grade for ourselves, pets/animals or plants/garden uses. All the shells are microscopic and razor sharp, negatively charged which attracts pathology of bacteria, virus, fungi, etc and punctures mechanically and the organism dehydrates. The shell structure is like a round rice chex cereal that 'scours', collects and detoxifies our digestive and circulatory systems of all the 'bad nasties' from cholesterol to heavy metals to E. coli out of the body. The DE by itself does not hurt us or our pets/animals or plants, unless you would get it in your eyes or lungs. Very high in silica, which helps us with calcium balance, so very good for bones, teeth, nails and hair.

Many people will take 1 to 2 tablespoons of DE daily mixed in some liquid, it has no taste, but does have a texture, it does not dissolve, you will only be able to 'suspend' it temporaly. I think, a more reasonable dosage is/would be 1/2 tablespoon,, twice per day and you really need to be up on your hydration...half your bodyweight in ounces, what you should be getting, avoid constipation.   

Here are some good links to read up on DE...


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survival 101:  You did such a better job than I did on explaining DE.  Thank you for the great information.


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Don't fault yourself in any way, I'm not about one-upmansship at all. Helping people live better is in my arena, where I work & live and I am willing to share everything with any that wish to not just settle for mediocrity. I have a serious passion for healing, health and finding ways for the best quality of life. And, I have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, I like know about everything, I want to know it all. We are all in this together, no one can be an island.


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I just ordered 10 LBS of DE I will try it and see if it helps any.


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DE comes as Food Grade and Pool Grade

What is DE?

Thanks Jim, Endtimesgal, Survival101  and All.  ;)
After I had posted, "What's DE?" I immediately realized, "Oh of course! DE is an abbreviation for diatomaceous earth, and went and edited my post. That said I very much appreciate all your posts and your explanation.
That advice about don't breathe it or get into eyes, my daughter in the UK said that to me also..she said take care with it it's not a toxin but it is extremely drying. (That's what kills the ants, roaches etc.)
She recommends the human food grade, which I will purchase soon, as well as the more bulk supply I can use outside for the ants etc. Inside the house I will put the human food grade - a bit on the edges of the counters, etc. and down below in the storage cupboards etc.
Daughter takes the human grade and puts a small amount in her two cats food she puts on thin disposable gloves and gently smooths the diatomaceous into their fur, taking care to not get it into their eyes. She hasn't had any problem with her prize cats. She uses a bit of the human food grade in her own food as well. She has noticed a remarkable change in her skin, and her daughter (my granddaughter's) skin. Their skin was always pretty good I had thought, but perhaps there was an outbreak or two...
It's hard to tell for sure about before and after with parasites without extensive testing, but they feel generally much better. BTW I am all for testing but I know from direct personal experience there can definitely be FALSE NEGATIVES when they test. Most MDs just ignore the problem.

We will have to buy large econo bulk stuff for the outside ants also to discourage other pests from entering the home.
Well a lot of this has been covered already...going to go back and read all the posts again.
Please continue to post your ideas and your successes with DE and so on. :)  Barb T.


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I just ordered 10 LBS of DE I will try it and see if it helps any.

1969quartz0 - did you get human food grade for your own internal use? Can you let us know how it helps? Thanks.
Note: I am not an expert on this yet, posting here two links. First one to naturopathic control and second one from Earthworks...
There are several live links in the articles so be sure to visit the actual page. There is a link to a video as well.  - Yowbarb

1)  Naturopathic control
This article cannot be copied see this page:
Sunday Oct 10 2010
How to get rid of human parasites (intestinal worms and protozoa) -
natural home remedy/cleanse using diatomaceous earth (DE)

2) Earthworks 

Diatomaceous Earth - Human Use

Diatomaceous Earth Health Benefits

  On this page, we have categorized some of the results from testimonial reports that we have reviewed regarding Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth human health benefits, and wherever possible between this page and our "How DE Works" page, we try to reflect the science behind the testimonials. Of course, most actual in depth health related studies are initiated and controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, and why should those companies study the value of health remedies found in nature that could actually hurt their bottom line? 

So here, we will endeavor to discuss the results that DE users have experienced by taking a heaping tablespoon of DE in their favorite juice or liquid on a daily basis without the benefit of an industry sponsored study. For more background on how Diatomaceous Earth works within the human body to create the benefits related on this page, see How DE Works. Some people react with great skepticism regarding human consumption of DE, and while it is not allowed by government regulators for distributers to make claims about DE's use as a human health supplement, we do hope to help illuminate the logical reasoning behind the health claims of CONSUMERS regarding the use of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth for human health.  DIATOMACEOUS EARTH PRICING - INFO

Of 600 DE deposits in the US, only 4 rate in purity by FDA standards to designate as "Food Grade".

My name is Larry Smith, (President of Earthworks Health, LLC and For better health, people like me and my family take one or two tablespoons of Diatomaceous Earth in a liquid every day. Many people benefit from just one teaspoon daily!  I mix it with grapefruit juice and my wife mixes it with just water. Other options are mixing the DE with soda pop, juice, or whatever liquid you prefer. Some mix DE in protein shakes, applesauce or yogurt. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is pure. There is no actual flavor or taste to it. Since DE does not dissolve, stirring the mixture several times as you drink it will prevent settling. Some folks experience higher energy levels, so it is probably best not to take just before sleeping. Not to worry about taking too much -  any excess silica not needed by the body is naturally eliminated through the kidneys and intestines. 

Remarkable Diatomaceous Earth health benefits through Silica

As previously noted, like most wonderful natural products, this product requires an FDA Disclaimer: "This information is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Discussion of Diatomaceous Earth health benefits is based solely on personal experience and testimony shared by individual DE users and this company cannot market or label DE as a human health supplement with specific medical claims." Having said that, we look at what consumers say about DE and at evidence of DE's important cleansing properties and value as a rich source of Silica.

Diatomaceous Earth (DE) has been reported to absorb methyl mercury, E. coli, endotoxins, viruses (including poliovirus), organophosphate pesticide residues, and drug residues. DE is a natural organic colon cleanser and detoxifier. This cleansing and detoxification alone has a myriad of positive effects in the human body. Mechanisms are cited on "How DE Works" page. Adding to this is the widespread deficiency in human dietary sources of what is called "the most important trace element in human health" - Silica, and how rich DE is in this substance, we begin to understand the basis of the health benefits that so many have attested to. Only a trace amount of the DE silica is absorbed into the blood stream, and just that amount is a substantial gain for the user.

A growing number of people count beneficial human side effects of Diatomaceous Earth and SILICA as being nothing short of vital to their well being and exhibit genuine devotion toward its use. The only cautionary side effect that we have found relating to Food Grade DE has to do with direct inhalation and is essentially the same caution that is advised when handling baby powder. DE is a very fine powder.

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is 89% Silica.

It was established in the 1940s that life can't exist without Silica. More recently, in her book "Water & Salt" Dr. Barbara Hendel states: "Silica is the most important trace element in human health." Silica plays an important role in many bodily functions and has a direct relationship to mineral absorption.

The average human body holds approximately seven grams of silica, needing significantly more silica than even important minerals such as iron. Most people are, in fact, silica deficient. Among other things, enough silica in the body is vital enough for calcium absorbtion to allow calcium supplements to work. If Silica deficient, as is the case in the vast majority of us, calcium supplementation can even be a negative. Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is an excellent natural and organic source of silica. 
Other Reported Health Benefits of Silica / DE Include Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, Osteoperosis, Weight Loss, Cosmetics, Hair, Nails, Teeth & Gums, Energy, Bacteria, Mucus, Anti-Aging, Urinary Infections, Headache.

Keep Reading On For A More Detailed Health Discussion.
Here's what consumers have to say about Diatomaceous Earth:

Lower High Blood Pressure
Of the thousands of people that are using Diatomaceous Earth, most that have high blood pressure have reported that it has gone down.  It has been so thrilling to talk to people all over the United States and have them tell their stories. We are not just talking a few points - we are talking about LIFE-CHANGING numbers.  Doctors are amazed--customers are amazed. You will be, too.
Lower High Cholesterol
According to consumers, just as Diatomaceous Earth health benefits include lowering blood pressure, it has also been lowering cholesterol!  I have not talked with one person that has high cholesterol that has not had lower numbers after taking Diatomaceous Earth.  Most are reporting 40-60 points lower after only 2 weeks on DE.  I know it sounds too good to be true, but it works!

Just received this feedback from a user..
"I have been on DE for 6 months now and I just had my lab work done. My triglycerides have been reduced from 495 down to 203. I have so much more energy and my hair and nails are growing so much better. My husband has had high blood pressure and since being on the dirt, his BP is now in the normal range. It has also helped with my varicose veins and I no longer have any pain from them.."
.. Rhonda from Louisiana

Osteoporosis, Joints & Calcium
Osteoporosis is a symptom of the aging process. As calcium in our body system depletes, our bones become brittle and weak. Taking only a calcium supplement cannot correct or stop this threatening and crippling disease because the body cannot assimilate and make use of the calcium without the presence of silica. Evidence suggests that, instead of affecting healing, supplemental mineral calcium, on the contrary, accelerates the leaching away of bone calcium and thus hastens the degenerative process of osteoporosis and similar diseases that affect the supportive and connective tissues in the human body. The Silica found in Diatomaceous Earth enhances calcium absorbtion.

For Osteoporosis
Silica can stop the pain and even restore the body's self repair process. Osteoporosis symptoms attack women primarily after menopause but the degenerative process starts much earlier in their younger days. More women are dying of fractures caused by osteoporosis than of cancer of the breast, cervix, and uterus combined. Silica is responsible for the depositing of minerals into the bones, especially calcium. It speeds up the healing of fractures and also reduces scarring at the site of a fracture. More and more research evidence shows that through a transmutation process, silica is turned into calcium when it is needed. That is why some scientists refer to silica as a precursor of calcium. Even when calcium is insufficient, the body can turn silica into calcium that the bones need.

Natural Weight Loss
We have been getting hundreds of reports from all over the United States that DE is helping people lose weight.  Everyone is saying that DE taken in the morning helps curb their appetite throughout the day.  Just one more reason to take it everyday!

Detox Your Body
Diatomaceous Earth health benefits reported to inlude detox! According to Kaayla T. Daniel, PhD, CCN and Galen D. Knight, PhD in their article "Mad as a Hatter" there is no better product to detox HEAVY METALS and RADIATION from your body than with Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth!

Nature's Internal Cosmetic
In Europe and Asia, Diatomaceous Earth health benefits are widely recognized to include use as a health and beauty product for hair, skin, nails, bones, and joints. They have no FDA.

Tissue Degeneration
Accelerates due to aging when connective tissue develops an increasing inability to retain moisture when left unassisted. Silica can help slow the degenerative process of connective tissue. With silica, vitality and life, which are often lost as the years accumulate, can be naturally maintained or even restored to your skin. Collagen, largely made up of silica, is the glue that holds us together. If our body has enough silica glucosaminoglycane, the collagen will make us look younger. Silica helps with skin problems and injuries including itching, rashes, abscesses, boils, acne, callouses, warts, eczemas, burns, frostbite, benign skin sores, insect bites and bed sores. If you regularly follow a silica regimen, your skin will keep its youthful look. A good silica supplementation program works far better than other products for maintaining healthier and longer lasting collagen.

Hair That Grows
Hair is nature's greatest beauty enhancer. Hair deserves to be pampered. Hair at 90 micrograms per gram is almost as rich in silica as are healthy bones, which contain 100 micrograms per gram. Silica is a major component of hair. Using a good silica supplement should be part of your ongoing hair care program for revitalizing hair. Silica helps to prevent baldness, stimulates healthier hair growth and assures beautiful shine, luster and strength.

Teeth and Gums
By hardening the enamel, silica prevents cavities and preserves teeth. Silica also prevents bleeding gums, gum atrophy, and recession that causes the loosening of teeth, which could ultimately lead to tooth loss. Silica effectively fights ulceration and the decay of bones and teeth and also lessens inflammation.

Tough As Nails
Your nail plates are complex protein structures that grow four to five millimeters per month on average. With silica supplementation, fragile nails become normal within a short period of time. Silica will beautify the appearance of your nails and improve their hardness, making them shinier and less prone to breaking.

Restorative Effects Of Silica
This will be most noticeable on your hair, skin, nails and teeth. Our skin and hair require silica essentially for the same purpose as do other tissues. As we know, the supporting collagen underneath the skin enhances elasticity and beauty. Collagen owes that quality to silica, which provides a beautiful complexion that is more than skin deep.

Pubic Lice (Crabs) and Hair Lice
Dust Diatomaceous Earth on all areas of the body that are infested with the Lice (Crabs). Also dust your bedding and rooms you have been in.

More Reported Benefits Of Diatomaceous Earth:

Silica lowers bad cholesterol and raises good
Silica fades age spots
Silica stimulates metabolism for higher energy levels
Diatomaceous Earth has a negative charge and bacteria has a positive charge. It is believed that Diatomaceous Earth sweeps bacteria out of the body by trapping it in its honeycomb shaped skeletal form.
Silica supplementation helps repair and maintain vital lung tissue and protects them from pollution. By maintaining or restoring the elasticity of lung tissue, silica reduces inflammation in bronchitis.
It acts as a cough decreasing agent. Silica tones the upper respiratory tract (nose, pharynx, larynx) and reduces swelling because of its positive action on the lymphatic system.
Silica supplementation keeps menopause free of stress and helps to prevent many unwanted side effects of menopause
Silica works with other antioxidants to prevent premature aging and to preserve youthfulness.
Silica can help prevent kidney stones and heal infections of the urinary tract. It is a natural diuretic which can increase excretion of urine by 30 percent, thus flushing the water-excreting system and restoring normal function to these vital organs.
The presence of sufficient silica in the intestines will reduce inflammation of the intestinal tract. It can cause disinfection in the case of stomach and intestinal mucus and ulcers. Silica can prevent or clear up diarrhea and its opposite, constipation.
Silica will help normalize hemorrhoidal tissues.
In regulating and normalizing the bowels, silica has a pleasant side effect; it can alleviate lower back pain, which often troubles the elderly.
Silica proves effective with female discharge, abscesses and ulcers in the genital area and cervix, as well as mastitis (especially for breast feeding mothers).
The intake of silica acts as a supportive treatment for inflammation of the middle ear. Because of the beneficial effectiveness on the lymphatic system, silica can be used for swelling of the lymph nodes in the throat.
Has anti-inflammatory disinfecting, absorbing and odor binding effects.
Silica can normalize circulation and regulate high blood pressure (hypertension).
Silica can decrease vertigo, headache, tinnitus (buzzing of the ears) and insomnia.
Silica can help diabetes by promoting synthesis of elastase inhibitor by the pancreas.
Silica can help arterial disease by strengthening the blood vessels. Studies confirm that with age, silica disappears from the aorta, the heart's key blood vessel, thus weakening its critical connective tissue and resulting in a greater cardiac risk.
Silica can help prevent Tuberculosis.
By improving the elasticity of the joints, silica helps rheumatism.
Silica has inhibitory effects on coronary diseases.
Silica can help avoiding or alleviating Alzheimer's disease by preventing the body from absorbing aluminum and may flush out aluminum from the tissues. Silica can stimulate the immune system.
 Most who use Diatomaceous Earth mixed with a juice or liquid say that they use one to two tablespoons daily. 

Diatomaceous Earth FAQ:

See Home Page For Diatomaceous Earth Video

Don't forget that Diatomaceous Earth has many Household Uses.


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YowBarb this is what I just ordered.


Perma-Guard pure food grade Diatomaceous Earth. This is a 4-Pak of the 1 gal.-2.5 pound plastic jugs packed into a box for shipping. Total Net Weight is 10 pounds. These jugs do not have the EPA label on them---they are just 100% food grade diatomaceous earth.


I will let let everyone know though it may take awhile before I post any results.


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