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Author Topic: Chinese and Tyche  (Read 2312 times)


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Chinese and Tyche
« on: December 10, 2012, 05:57:41 PM »
Got this from a reader today.  Most interesting.

Thought you would want to see this abstract from about Tyche (Planet X) the Chinese are taking it seriously. I included the abstract below of the speech given at the American Physical Society meeting in April, 2012.

  Dayong Cao
    (Beijing Natural Providence Science \& Technology Development Co., Ltd)

Tyche has many dark comets like Oort cloud. It went near our solar system every 25-27 million years. It could take its dark comets to impact our earth. Tyche and its dark comet absorb light like a dark light which is a negative black-body radiation. (1) Eddν=−c1dνd3dνec2dνd/Td−1. Among it, Ed: the dark energy, νd: the dark frequence, Td: the dark temperature,c1d,c2d: the constant. So when they go near us, their wave has a against Doppler redshift as 0.000165. And they will inbreak solar system at the rate of 99AU/y, from the distance of 1,500AU and in 20 years. It can cause the broken ozonosphere, the lithosphere to crack, many big activity volcanic and the continental drift. And it can darked the light and colded the climate to the Great Ice Age. Not only it will break our environment by a special ``nuclear explosion'' under low temperature, but also the dark life will change the Genetic code of our life. So it will kill many lives and will produce new life. So it could trigger the Mass Extinction. We can bulid up a new pair of nuclear reactor (include dark nuclear energy) to drive a universal craft and can change the orbit of our earth for evading the impaction. We need a new life-information technology to develop our life and consciousness.


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