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Author Topic: Archive of Reliable Scientific Evidence  (Read 7481 times)


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Archive of Reliable Scientific Evidence
« on: April 14, 2013, 04:21:33 PM »
Hello Jim et al,

Thank you for addressing my question.  I have accessed the townhall because I wish to confer with individuals who are seriously considering that the Existence of Planet X is real.  I consider myself a researcher who has become aware that there are many areas of knowledge that the subject of Planet X can be referenced to - e.g. geology, climatology, astronomy, archeology (Sitchin), history of civilization, ancient mythology, astrology - and of course recent & ancient predictions by many & varied sources - Cayce, Nostradamus, Zetas etc.

My present, pressing concern is evidence presented by the Sciences of astronomy, climatology, geology and photography.  I am a certified carpenter, landscape contractor, general contractor - but I do not have the technical background to judge the evidence presented in the web in these areas.  I do not know how to authenticate a photo, an astronomical image, what is an authentic source or who to trust for monitoring earth changes.

In summary, is there someone with that expertise in the townhall who has been monitoring reliable information and archiving it?  If so, can they share it?


Yves Gagnon


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Re: Archive of Reliable Scientific Evidence
« Reply #1 on: April 16, 2014, 01:01:50 PM »
While I'm not an expert in any of the topics you mention (geology, climatology, astronomy, archeology, history of civilization, ancient mythology or astrology), like you and many others I want to know how to discern truth or facts from fantasy and hype.  While you are still looking for those experts, it is still possible to do some research on your own.

One source that helped me is the book by George Abell, EXPLORATION OF THE UNIVERSE.  It was written in approx. 1978(?) but most of the content still stands, and the author I later discovered is listed in my Astronomy Encyclopedia as a "deep space expert".  By reading most of the book, i.e., sections relevant to what I believe is coming, I was able to see how a massive body approaching earth could indeed cause such catastrophic devastation.  I was also able to understand some of the data I have already gathered that shows me some things have already begun, i.e., changes that are seemingly slow due to the mass of the Earth.

 And with the latest interview/information release by the Alcione group, including the free book I just ordered (Hercolubus, the Red Planet), I intend to do some more calculations now, since learning that 14 million kilometers will be the closest approach to Earth by Hercolubus. 

Another author comes to mind:  Zecharia Sitchin, who wrote a number of books which discuss the coming changes, one book being THE TWELFTH PLANET.  Once you begin reading Sitchin, you will discover he is no flake, but was a dedicated, educated and talented researcher.

Good luck.


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