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Morgellons Aid

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"Basic Recipe

Diatomaceous Lotion Basic Recipe
•4 oz of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. This is a dry volume measurement, not a weight measurement.
•12 oz of a non-greasy skin Lotion preferably with Aloe Vera.

In a 16 oz squirt bottle (condiment bottle) combine the D.E. with the lotion. This should be a 25% D.E. to 75%  lotion ratio. Use a long-handled spoon stir until completely mixed. Apply to body after showering/bathing and before bedtime. The  D.E.  lotion should leave a thin chalky film on the body when dry. This is the defensive barrier of D.E. and is almost quite pleasant, similar to talc.

One may add 5 -10 drops of E.O. especially the Thieve’s Oil blend to this recipe.  If lotion is too thick especially when in colder temperatures it is easy to gently heat the bottle in a pan of simmering water, similar to heating a baby’s bottle. Carefully check temperature of lotion before applying.
Alternative Recipe for Diatomaceous Earth Lotion
•4 oz of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. This is a dry volume measurement, not a weight measurement.
•12 oz of organic Coconut Oil.
•5 – 10 drops of T.O. blend or E.O. (optional)

Another Alternative
•4 oz of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth. This is a dry volume measurement, not a weight measurement.
•6 oz of organic Coconut Oil.
•6 oz organic cold pressed Olive Oil.
•5 – 10 drops of T.O. blend or E.O. (optional)

Mix together as in the first recipe. This is an alternative recipe that is more effective but has a few drawbacks also. This recipe is very similar to the first but instead of lotion the carrier agent is oil. One benefit is the oils recommended have a combined antifungal/antiparasitic quality. The drawbacks are that this recipe is a little more expensive and the drying time after application is a little longer.

Coconut oil contains caprylic acid, a great anti-fungal and alone is easily absorbed by the skin and the drying time is not much longer than that with the lotion. Olive oil has great anti-parasitic properties due to its content of oleic acid and it’s tendency to smother and draw parasites from the skin. Together these two oils are an excellent carrier oil though as mentioned they are not as quickly absorbed into the skin. There may be a slightly greasy feel left on the skin as well. Adding T.O. blend or E.O. of one’s choice makes this D.E. lotion even more effective. Use of the carrier oils may cause the blend to become rancid over an extended period of time(over 1 week).

Typically these lotions are used twice daily for a period of  3 – 6 weeks. It is suggested that other protocols and treatments be carried out at the same time. Environmental cleansings such as the use of enzyme sprays environmentally or the use of D.E. environmentally.

Use of D.E. Environmentally

Problematic Upholstered Furniture and Other Items

If the severity of one’s symptoms persists or one becomes aware of certain problematic areas such as beds, cars, or certain upholstered items then the following spray can be effective. This is a spray consisting of Diatomaceous Earth (link) and liquid… water may be suitable but liquid enzymes are more effective. The use of a plastic spray bottle is needed.
1.One quart/liter plastic bottles are the best and easily found at many stores and garden centers. IMPORTANT… before mixing spray open the spray bottle. There is a small plastic filter on the intake tube to the pump/lid. It will easily clog unless removed. Simply pull it off.
2.The spray is 25% D.E. to 75% water/solution (Blue window cleaning fluid is another choice available in some grocers and department stores in gallon sizes for very cheap). Be certain to fill the sprayer only to the fill mark indicated. Pump… and shake and spray. The DE will not stay in solution for long so shake often and pump often to retain spray pressure.
3.A Medium to fine mist is desired. Spray the problematic areas lightly but thoroughly. This includes all surfaces of the item in question…top, bottom, inside and out. If nozzle becomes clogged just opening the nozzle up usually clears the clog. Box fans will speed up drying times.
4.Properly done this method leaves a thin-film of D.E. on the surface sprayed. D.E. sprayed lightly will not show up on light to medium colored fabrics when dry. May show as a powdery residue on dark colors and hard surfaces. Easily washed out or wiped away.
5.Wipe away and vacuum older D.E. films before reapplying new treatments. May be applied as needed with applications becoming less frequent as condition comes under control.
6.This treatment is very effective for outdoor areas too… dog runs, dog beds and kennels playground equipment and yards.

A Good source of Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth is Wolf Creek Ranch D.E.  (not affiliated with me).

end quote

"The greatest wealth is health." ~ Virgil

The information provided on this Site should not be considered complete, nor should it be relied on to suggest a course of treatment for a particular individual. I am not a medical professional and cannot prescribe what herbs or supplements are right for one's health. I can only state my experience and that of others whom are successfully treating Morgellons. This is your health at stake. Become informed and choose what works for you. Research carefully any information unfamiliar to you. Please consult a qualified health professional before taking supplements of any kind.

"The part can never be well unless the whole is well." ~Plato


It is important to consult a naturopathy practioner or dietician about one's health history, conditions and allergies before beginning the use of herbal supplements or beginning the health regimens here. Herbs and supplements may be harmful if taken for the wrong conditions, used in excessive amounts or combined with prescription drugs or alcohol. Botanical preparations and essential oils can be harmful if used in large enough amounts or in the wrong manner. Information contained on this Site is for educational purposes only.

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Yowbarb Note: RE Maca gets rid of, or helps get rid of “Morgollons Disease.” !

I found this on the net.

This is a big deal, due to the fact morgollons is a weird condition, not well understood which wasn’t heard of a few years ago.
It was probably caused by weird farming practices putting nematodes into the soil and GMO etc.
If you google “morgollons” you will see page after page on it. Lots of people getting absolutely no help from their doctors, and looking for answers on their own.
This below is a testimonial about how the person’s simple dietary changes and using maca got rid of the problem. Page link: 
Dietary Changes
04/18/2011: Anna from Fort Lauderdale, Florida: "Hello,
I have had this for almost 2 years now, but I have to say that since I started an alkaline diet like changing cow milk with almond milk, lowering my sugar intake and taking 2 spoons of wheat grass powder at night before going to bed, I almost forgot about the crawling stinging, and itching sensation.
I take 1 spirulina pill with a multivitamin in the morning and 1 maca pill just to start my day and feel full of energy. Maca is great against Morguellons because not only is good for the inmune system and energy also it gets rid of the pain I used to feel, the stinging sensation. I take maca 1 or twice a day. Also I lowered my sugar intake, but sometimes I get a few cookies or chocolate during the day with no effects of any kind.
I don't take colloidal silver, MSO, garlic pills, alfalfa or any other stuff I used to take before when I was desperate looking for something that could give me my normal life back. I don't see those horrible black dots or hair anymore. Sometimes I even forget that I have this disease and feel that thank God I am living a normal life now."

Yowbarb Note:

This forum on earthclinic site [ ] is dedicated to people trying to figure out "Morgollons Disease" and
what to do about it.

As mentioned in a previous post, maca and alkaline dietary changes helped one woman a lot. I don't know if she got rid of the situation or not but that is worth knowing about. See my previous post.
Here is the link: [/b] 

alkaline diet = more fruits and veges...less processed foods and chemicals...

I heard: Tea tree oil, mixed with moisturizing creams...followed by a scrub with diatomaceous earth paste, scrub with pumice stone...


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