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Author Topic: Misc Ads for underground shelters for sale  (Read 6390 times)


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Misc Ads for underground shelters for sale
« on: June 18, 2013, 07:28:04 AM »
Yowbarb Note: These are not Ebay Sellers. These are sponsored links on the Ebay site.
I can't speak for these...probably OK. Posting these for the purpose of possibly helping someone...if there is "a run on underground shelters," etc. in the coming months.
Conditions will either stay the same - with periodic disasters such as tornadoes every few days - OR - things will escalate to a point people can hardly catch their breath and they will want underground shelter. Many of these are small temporary shelter such as to duck into when a twister is approaching.
If people can afford these best to have a couple of them on their land. Better yet a complete underground system to sustain life for a longer period of time.

...See all matching items from international sellers

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Re: Misc Ads for underground shelters for sale
« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2017, 01:02:06 AM »
Yowbarb Note: I cannot vouch for these ads. Nor do I get any compensation for posting them.
I look for ideas, stuff to move into and post stuff sometimes as I go...  8)

This one below is upgraded, still not as large as many people would need but sleeps five. There is room for more built in, bedrolls, etc. The bunks that are already set in are double and extra long, larger bed on other side of bunker.  Seems like additional underground areas would need to be set in for supplies, and connected to this shelter. Would need more storage for food and water, looks like. Ad said they do some customization... Going to post list of features. More on the page:
...   We offer the best underground bunkers, storm shelters and safe-rooms on the market. 100% steel, fabricated by hand and customized to each client's unique specs; our bomb shelters are the BEST on the market. Contact us today and get your free quote.

This survival shelter offers a more open floor plan than the 20′ and 30′ models which allows for even more customization, bulk storage and shelving. In addition to more floor space this unit comes with our Bullet Resistant Door, Dining Table With Bench (Can Double As A Bed), Jack Knife Sofa (Doubles As An Extra Bed), 2 – Extra Long Double Bunks, 2 – Closets, NBC Air Filtration With Blast Valves and Over-pressure protection, Double Counter With Sink, Composting Toilet, Shelving For Food Storage, Water Pressure Pump, Shower, Hot Water Heater, Grey-Water Evacuation Tank, Grey-Water Evacuation Pump, Bathroom Door, 12 Volt LED Lighting, Solar Generated Charging System With Battery Supply, 12 Volt TV/DVD Combo, Fresh Water Inlet, 120/240 Volt Inlet, Staircase Handrail, Painted Interior and 150 Year Coating on the Exterior.

The 10×40 upgraded survival shelter is one of our most popular models because it offers  all the protection you need while being spacious and unconfined. This large survival shelter offers comfortable sleeping for four or more with the jack knife sofa/bed. Included in this model is a dining table and bench style seating. There is more then enough counter top space with extra  room throughout the entire survival shelter. This upgraded large survival shelter has all the features to keep your family ‘off-grid’ while being large enough to keep everyone content and happy.

  Bullet Resistant Door
  Side Entrance Staircase w/ Handrail
  NBC Air Filtration with Blast Valves and Over pressure Valve
  Water Filtration
  Fresh Water Inlet
  Private Bathroom w/ Composting Toilet
  Full Shower
  Water Pressure Pump
  Water Heater
  Grey-Water Evacuation Tank
  Grey-Water Evacuation Pump
  Full Kitchen
  Alcohol Burning Stove
  Dining Table With Bench
  Double Counter
  Shelving For Food Storage
  Jack Knife Sofa (Doubles as Extra Bed)
  Solar Generating Charging System with Battery Supply
  12 Volt LED Lighting
  12 Volt TV/DVD Combo
  120/240 Volt Inlet
 Painted Interior and 150 Year Coating on the Exterior


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Re: Misc Ads for underground shelters for sale
« Reply #2 on: May 04, 2017, 01:11:10 AM »
RE company listed above they also have larger bunkers (10x50 etc.) and much smaller ones too and various types.


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Re: Misc Ads for underground shelters for sale
« Reply #4 on: May 04, 2017, 01:51:54 AM »

Our Underground Steel Bunkers have a 10 year warranty against leaks and corrosion and they meet/exceed FEMA standards.

8’x10’ and 6’0 tall is $12,500

More pictures at

Free Delivery within 200 miles of zip code 74730

Bunker Specifications:
Rated for an EF5 Tornado
Built with 1/4" Steel
Meets/Exceeds FEMA Guidelines
Door is 4.5’ long and 30” wide
Stairs are outside of the bunker dimension
Door Seal and Dead Bolt
Pipe Cover over the deadbolt to prevent knocking it off
Double Handrails and non-skid Strip Tape
Screens will be on Vent Caps
Commercial epoxy coal tar on outside of bunker
Gas assisted door lift for easy opening
3" channel on 2 foot centers
3" flat bar on bottom 2 foot centers
Common Gray color on inside
(we can also add hooks or shelves if you like for an additional cost)


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