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Author Topic: Remembering The Old Days And Ways  (Read 4760 times)


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Remembering The Old Days And Ways
« on: July 20, 2013, 10:06:25 AM »
Yesterday I was on Facebook and a friend posted a picture of an old fashioned Grocery Store.  I found myself feeling instantly overwhelmed with nostalgia and a deep sadness.  I suddenly became a small child again, and the wonder of it all was intense.

I then spent a great deal of time reflecting on why the image affected me so much.  I came to realize it is because that period of my life represents a time when life was much simpler.  Now yes, I was a youngster in those times, but as the oldest of nine children I had been forced to assume a great deal of responsibility at a very young age to assist my mother with my siblings.  I matured a lot faster than kids do today.  I also was always very much aware of my surroundings and the world at large. When I was in the 4th grade I was the only child attending the 7th grade reading and history classes.  I was reading the encyclopedia starting in the 3rd grade.

I realize that even in those days there was crime, and that one had to use good judgement and common sense.  You still did not talk to strangers, accept rides with those you did not know well, and other such things.  But it was really rare that one heard of rapes, child abductions, house robberies, and murders in my town was practically unheard of.

This was a time when families all sat down together for dinner.  No television, texting, or internet interfered.  Children knew how to use their imaginations to entertain themselves.  We built forts, played Cowboys and Indians, Tarzan, or pioneers going west.  We had chores, either inside the home or in the garden.  We were taught manners, never dreamt of smart talking adults, and swearing was sure to bring a spanking. 

People did not have to lock their cars at night, and we did not have air conditioning so everyone left windows and even front and back doors open at night to catch the breeze.  We all believed our country to be the very best, our president and congress was watching out for our best interests, and we all knew hard work would bring us success in life.  A person could graduate from High School and get a job with a company, start at the bottom, and work your way up the ladder and be successful.  People did not trade in their homes every 5 years for a bigger, more impressive home.  We did not use credit cards very much and did not shop for entertainment and purchase every new gadget that came out or constantly upgrade our electronics every year.

Most everyone we knew believed in God, whether Catholic or Protestant.  It was a shocking thing if one was found to be promiscuous, and a terrible thing if a couple divorced.  I did not know any families without a father in the home.

If there was an earthquake, we were both terrified and astonished, it was a very rare occurrence.  It was not common knowledge about solar flares, EMP's, sinkholes, HAARP, or the Illuminati.  And of course it was unimaginable that a rogue planet might come and cause havoc with us and change our lives forever.

Comparing that time to what we have today, and my heart is so saddened.  Our society has deteriorated so greatly. We have to face issues we never even dreamt of back then.  And in the years between then and now, our world has changed so much, and as a result we are so stressed, so caught up in simply treading water to survive, no wonder we are getting short tempered and depressed. 

It is time to stop the madness.  There is much we cannot change to make things better.  But there is much we can do, and it starts with each and every one of us.  Let's get back to some basics.  Let's learn where we can unplug from the madness.  I have talked about some of the ways I have personally done this in my other topic of how the knowledge of Planet X has changed me.  If each person takes the steps they are able to, we can make a difference.  Let's wake up to how far our lives have strayed from the core values we were taught as children, and let's make sure to instill those values in our kids.  If we do not set the example, what kind of world are we preparing them for?  These core values will be so important in the days ahead.  We will all need to work together to make a new way of life for our children and grandchildren after the coming events unfold.  What kind of future do you want for your loved ones?  It starts with you.  You have more power than you realize.  Don't throw up your hands and say it is no use, become a service to other person today, and change YOUR world for the better.


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Re: Remembering The Old Days And Ways - What We Have Forgotten
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