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Author Topic: What would better a person's odds of surviving an emergency?  (Read 11089 times)


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Re: What would better a person's odds of surviving an emergency?
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Low-tech transportation tools for the prepper: Do you have a wagon, wheelbarrow or yard cart?

When SHTF, do you have an efficient way of carrying your supplies? Have you considered getting a wagon or a yard cart as a form of manual transportation? Anything with wheels can help you carry things. Don’t forget that as a prepper, you also need to get ready for when you have to move your gear and supplies from one location to another.

Don’t make the mistake of solely relying on anything motorized because you might run out of fuel. Get something you can pedal, pull, push, or roll easily. Heavy supplies like water will be easier to carry with a wagon, so get something with wheels. (h/t to

Uses for manual transportation when SHTF

When disaster strikes, you’ll need an easy way to transport water to your home or shelter. If you have a bicycle, yard cart, wagon, or a wheelbarrow, it will be easier to carry gallons of water.

A simple cart or wagon can let you transport five-gallon jugs of water, even if you’re alone. That’s 40 pounds overall since one gallon is eight pounds! You can use carts for other things, but when SHTF, hauling water will be easier with a wagon or two.


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