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Author Topic: Evidence of Earth Axis Shift  (Read 80360 times)


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Re: Evidence of Earth Axis Shift
« Reply #345 on: June 02, 2019, 01:58:02 PM »
Just for the record, and in anticipation of our Summer Solstice reading, here is an easy way to determine what the sun's apparent elevation should be on that day. 

Subtract Earth's declination of 23.55 degrees from your own latitude.  Here at my location in MO it is 37.55 deg. N.  Thus 37.55  -  23.5 =  14.05 deg.  Now subtract that remainder of 14.05 from 90 deg., thus 90  -  14.05 = 75.95 deg.  So if conditions are normal the sun should appear to be 75.95 degrees above the sun at noon on summer solstice at this particular location.

So, assuming we have sun that day, we'll get a reading of Sol's noon shadow, and from that shadow length, (which will be "x" in our formula), we can calculate the apparent elevation of Sol above the horrizon.  The "y" in our formula will be the height of our steel pole, against which the sun casts a shadow, and that value is 64.75".  Our little formula is "y/x", which = 64.75/shadow length.  As soon as we plug in the sun shadow length obtained by observation on summer solstice, we can divide the formula out, giving us the "tangent".  Next we look up in a trig book, in the trig tables in the back, to find what angle corresponds to our own calculated number.  In this way, we can calculate the sun's actual apparent angle above the horizon, in order to determine if the actual angle matches the projected angle (what it should be).


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