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Author Topic: Christian/Hebrew Bible references to Planet X - Topic started by Tigerpaw  (Read 3146 times)


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This Topic was originally posted by Town Hall Member Tigerpaw.
It was posted in The Kolbrin Bible Board. I feel it is better in this Board and I did not want to delete her Topic.
I am not able to move topics anymore so I did screen captures of the posts in this Topic.
Christian/Hebrew Bible references to Planet X

UPDATE: I just found out the move Topics function is now working again after not working for months.
found it out when I moved another topic just now to Proof of Prophecy.
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  • Karma: +5/-0   Gill Boussard amateur astronomer has about 8 videos on Youtube correlating biblical accounts along with it's estimated arrival.  I don't think anybody knows exactly when it will be here but I agree with him that time is close at hand. 

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Re: Christian/Hebrew Bible references to Planet X - Topic started by Tigerpaw
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I try to balance my time viewing videos between science and spirtuality, in order not to allow myself to be moved too much off-center.  Last week I listened to a Rabbi speak on how Px will bring the long-awaited Messiah.  A few times I have listened to or read concerns expressed by Christians in the Px movement about any references in the public discussion that would seem to personify the bodies in that system, perhaps out of fear of idolatry. 

This Christocentric video today featured a guest speaker in the second half who had carefully studied references to Messiah's coming in Revelation, and proposes a rather elegant solution to the semantical problem: a close reading of such texts would seem to make it clear that Messiah will not magically "poof" himself onto the earth out of nowhere, but will be arriving riding upon a meticulously described throne or vehicle, one that corresponds in some important details to Px.  @ around 1:45:00, with a good discussion leading up to that point:

The speaker also makes an interesting case around 1:56:00 that the passage with the beast covered with eyes may actually be better translated as an orb covered with impact craters rotating upon its own axis.

Having been brought up as the oddball offspring of an agnostic father and a Southern Baptist youth director mother, I find personally that even the most religiously conservative investigators of Px today are still light years beyond what I grew up with, fondly speaking, four or five decades ago, both in their overall knowledge base and in their willingness and ability to synthesize science and spirituality into a contemporary understanding that brings the faith forward into the present time in a relevant way.

Attaching an image used by the Orthodox Church for example of belief in the Diety returning riding an orb:

Disclaimer: I do not give credence to this videographer's assertion in another film that Obama is the antichrist  :)

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