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Author Topic: My Blood Moon Experience  (Read 1216 times)


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My Blood Moon Experience
« on: May 21, 2014, 08:44:02 PM »
Before any of my dreams. I never encountered intense dreams until 2011. I am a spiritual person. I do believe in a higher power. Not because of faith alone. But the things that the holy spirit demonstrates. I know it sounds lame. But Ive learned not to be ashamed in what you believe in. My whole life I have always tried to be an honest, compassionate person. Through my many doubts I kept in open mind. Anything is possible. I have an eye or what you can call a gut feeling. Ive always had a special intuition. Through Christ I can honestly say its opened man doors for me. My dreams have made me aware of the world I truly live in. I have discovered so many things. At my age I should be partying or drinking whatever. I always felt I had a better purpose for myself. I find myself drawn to what others cant fathom. The truth. What is the truth? It is things that make sense. Things that hide so eyes wont see. If you look, really look the answers are there. Me I do my research. Most times. Answers lately without me realizing what I'm looking for at that time, fall in my lap then makes sense later. Anyways.... May 7,2014 I wrote about a dream I had in the beginning of the year. The next morning I called my best friend and we tried to find a meaning. Not to much luck. Until April 15,2014...we had a blood moon after that i didn't believe in coincidences. The dream had a purple darkened sky with ashes of orange. I lived in a apartment and my sister Sienna was close knit beside me on my left side. Everyone outside stared at this blood red moon. I didn't feel fear like everyone else did. I also saw two illuminated marble statues on each side of the moon. Each had a double sided sword. My sister expressed her fear but i reassured her not to be afraid. There is nothing to fear in the lord. As i awoke i didn't know what to think. I had this dream in January or march. Didn't write everything down until May. But what i discovered on my own is there is a pattern with the blood moons. ESPECIALLY a pattern of 4 in a row. "When the moon is eclipse it is a bad omen for Israel sign the sword is coming to the world!" a historic quote by the Israelites.  a war will be upon us. All lunar eclipses recorded during Jewish Passover Times. Apr. 15 2014, Tabernacles Oct.8 2014, passover APR. 4, 2015, tabernacles Sept. 28, 2015. All i could say was wow. the only reason i found all the info is because of this dream. Me personally had no freaking clue! I learned about the comets (Hailey, Hellbob.) wow all patterns. Wars, or a world leader dead. I have it in more detail in my notebook. God gives us cosmic messages in the sky. Those closest to him know the times and seasons. In my case he really did come to me. How do I feel now... Blessed, Aware, and Enlightened. This dream led me to the planet X video. Now I'm here gaining more knowledge than i ever imagined. God works in mysterious ways. My spirit and wisdom will only get stronger. Thanks for reading. Nice to not feel judged. God bless. Chow for now...


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