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Author Topic: Philanthropy, economic and social progress in Asia  (Read 2015 times)


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Philanthropy, economic and social progress in Asia
« on: June 22, 2014, 11:34:11 AM »
Yowbarb Note: I was just watching a little news coverage of this man on CNN Channel 105.
Some call him a kook for wanting to give out thousands of free lunches and money in Central Park and other unusual actions, such as trying to purchase The New York Times (which went over like a lead balloon) but in China he is a very beloved man and the most well known philanthropist.
He is a green millionaire, recycling business...
He is strongly encouraging other wealthy Chinese people to share their wealth and help people  and lift them out of some of their misery...and to do things to help their economy.

Chen said he was hoping the lunch would show the U.S. that there are Chinese philanthropists.

"There are many wealthy Chinese billionaires but most of them gained their wealth from market speculation and colluding with government officials while destroying the environment. I can't bear the sight of it," Chen told the South China Morning Post.

Making his fortune from recycling domestic waste and construction materials in China, Chen has been in the media spotlight in recent years for his dramatic publicity stunts promoting philanthropic causes. He arrived at the scene of the 2013 Lushan earthquake in Sichuan just hours after the disaster took place and personally handed out cash to the victims.

Chen has also tried unsuccessfully to buy the New York Times as part of his ongoing campaign to develop closer ties between U.S. and China. He recently expressed a desire to reignite discussions to buy the paper's opinion section and fill it with articles about environmental protection and charity.


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