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Author Topic: Ancient technological societies on this planet - theories, evidence, etc.  (Read 8720 times)

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In this recent WSO roundtable discussion including Steve, Michael from Evolutionary Energy Arts and Relentless Maverick, a striking comment is made in the opening segment by Michael:

The fact that there are some people present at this time on earth who are extremely far ahead of the rest of us technologically, as evidenced by quantum computing, CERN, etc., is strongly suggestive that they are not from our own civilization, but from another place or time.

That statement strongly resonates with me, as these individuals have caused the 21st Century to be so unlike anything that we're familiar with from humanity's documented past.

Which leads to the question...

When did they arrive? 

Why have they come here? 

What is their agenda? 

Who benefits? 

If not us, then do we have any hope of getting rid of them before they do additional harm? 

Is there any way for us to distinguish them from normal humans besides their extremely unusual and overly ambitious goals, often just blurted out to us clumsily in the media without gaining our consent first?

With the evident intellectual mismatch (not an insult to us, because we are advancing at a natural earth-based developmental pace), do we require outside benevolent intervention from someone else in order to reclaim our home from them?


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A mystery, how the Jars of the dead were moved, 1,000 pounds apiece, S0 video 6-9-2019


R.R. Book

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Odd facts about Teotihuacan that only stand out in the Information Age:

1. It appears to have been populated by half a million people, like a modern city

2. No one person or group seems to have been in charge

3. The rise of that civilization is unattested by neighboring contemporaneous societies, and it seems to have appeared out of nowhere, and then later vanished equally without mention

4. Every building in the city contains the element mica in its foundation, yet the nearest source of mica is 3,000 miles away.  Mica is stable to 500o C, or 932o F

5. The city is believed by scholars to have been multi-ethnic / pluralistic

6. From the air, the city resembles a giant circuit board

7. The underground channels that link up the city are lined with electrical insulator

8. Teotihuacan was not the only such city; others exist around the world, as if different locations each possess a piece of a blueprint for building a machine that could only come into existence in the Information Age

Basic info:


*Was the electrical capacity of the city something that was used on a regular basis, or was it awaiting an external inbound energy from elsewhere to activate its possibly mechanized purpose? 

*What might happen / have happened when it was fully cranked up?

*Were the people of the pluralistic society of terrestrial or celestial origin?

*Where did they go when they left abruptly?

*What are the locations of the other possible pieces of the motherboard, i.e. other sites of pyramids, besides the obvious complex in Egypt?

*Are the countries in possession of the theoretical pieces of the puzzle aware of this hypothesis?

*Have there been efforts at cooperation among those nations, or at obfuscation?
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