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Author Topic: Planet X System Location According to Astronomer Disclosure Video  (Read 3896 times)


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I have a couple of thoughts about the video.

1. If astronomers could not see a brown dwarf because it is shrouded in dust/debris, without IR, why can they now see the dust/debris? Wouldn't they be able to spot this when it was farther away?

2. The low resolution makes me suspicious, for the money they spent on ESA Rosetta I am certain they have high resolution.

3. Further, wouldn't those who fund ESA make sure that only paying privileged people get access? Is Keck Observatory on that list? If they were paying, wouldn't they be getting the high resolution?

4. Doesn't this location of PX oppose the current conclusion that the orbit path is at a 30 degree angle to the ecliptic? Since it is behind Saturn that puts it at the ecliptic which means it would circle the sun way north or up above the ecliptic, which doesn't make any sense.

5. And lastly, it appears someone else feels that it's a hoax as well:


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