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I inadvertently deleted the whole Topic on Underground Shelter, Domes, etc. at 4 in the morning.
Was just trying to delete a post of mine and re-do it.  Instead hit the "Delete Topic" button.
It is quite a loss...links and ideas and discusssions going back years.
Update: It is not possible to put this Topic back. It would be too much of an expense at this time.
I will be re-posting some sites, links, images and ideas...
- Barb Townsend


Monolithic Dome Rentals — The Inn Place is a thriving example of Monolithic Dome Rentals. There are over fifty Io-20 rental units in this complex with more to come. (Megann Lewis)

The Inn Place  http://www.monolithic.org/rentals/the-inn-place-new-rentals-old-pattern

http://www.domeliving.com/  Dome Living

Advanced Community Planning Series #4: Quick Setup 2012 Survival Domes - Michael Maxon and Linda Schiller-Hanna

Yowbarb Note: More info about domes available with the latest book from Marshall and Jennifer Masters,
Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide.
432 Pages, 142 Ill., 13pt Body Type
Includes 2 Copyable Audio Cds

This 432 page leadership guide with 142 color illustrations features a first-of-its-kind approach to surviving the coming Planet X tribulation, the days of darkness, the pole shift, and beyond. Written in a gentle and empowering style for faith-based leaders and those in awareness, it presents a non-violent strategy for enlightened continuity and comfort in survival villages of 100 or more people.

The purpose of this book is to help those who are ready to take action during the last possible window of opportunity to prepare effectively for what is coming. This is a time when newly aware faith-based leaders who trust their own inner guidance will know that they must take action quickly if they are to lead their flocks to safety, and why untested Cold War strategies for sheltering and preparedness are unsuited to the demands of an extended tribulation. The strategy in this book is.

Includes Two Copyable Audio CDs

This edition come with our Surviving the Planet X Tribulation Supplemental Audio CD set.  These interviews by Marshall Masters directly address a cornerstone concept presented in our book, Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-based Leadership Guide.  The use of concrete domes as strong, safe, rapid deployment structures.  Domes are an ancient, time-tested design and offer durable survivability for both single family and multifamily shelters.

Disc No. 1: Low-Tech Arcosanti Domes

Arcologist Erin Jeffries of Arcosanti, Arizona introduces the city's novel, low-tech approach to constructing dwellings and communities. 

Disc No. 2: High-Tech Monolithic Domes

In this strategic planning interview with Monolithic Dome co-inventor and CEO, David B. South you'll learn a faster high-tech approach to building concrete domes.



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