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Author Topic: Please Read Before Submitting Your Planet X Photo  (Read 10359 times)


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Please Read Before Submitting Your Planet X Photo
« on: December 22, 2014, 12:56:38 PM »
You must be a member in standing with the Planet X Town Hall.  Membership is free.  Click here to join, after reading the requirements bellow.


If your image post fails any of the following criteria, your account will be subject to immediate termination:
  • Image Ownership: You certify that you are the person taking the picture, that you own the sole intellectual property rights to the image.
  • Step Forward: No anonymous reports.  If you are not willing to stand in front of a camera and to have your statement aired on, do not submit your image.
  • Visual Confirmation: You must see the object(s) of interest before  you take the picture.  Keep in mind, we use a proven image analysis method to verify this claim.
  • Original File Source: No thumbnails images. You must send us a copy of the actual original RAW file from the camera itself, so we can inspect the image metadata.
  • High Resolution: The images must be taken with a HD quality smartphone, prosumer or professional-grade  digital camera.
  • Observation Data:  You must include the date, time and direction a useful analysis is impossible. You must provide exactly where you were when you took the image, date the time of day.
  • Unobstructed Static View:  You must be  standing with a clear, unobstructed view of the sky when you take the picture.  Pictures taken through any kind of window or from a moving vehicle and unacceptable.  We will do make exceptions for pictures taken from an aircraft at cruising altitude.
If your submission passes the criteria stated above, post it on the member-only observation board for open review by all members of the Planet X Town Hall.


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