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Author Topic: Noticias de Observatorios/ Notícias de observatórios 2015  (Read 2394 times)


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Noticias de Observatorios/ Notícias de observatórios 2015
« on: January 23, 2015, 01:48:48 PM » /
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Re: Noticias de Observatorios/ Notícias de observatórios 2015
« Reply #1 on: April 12, 2015, 06:59:58 AM »
(Editor's Note:  I could not find the original article in Portuguese, so apologies to all.  Also, most living in Brazil know about this topic but may not have all the details.)

Brazil water crisis: 56 Northeastern cities are in state of collapse, says government

1 comments Posted by Jim at Thursday, April 09, 2015

[Translation by Microsoft Translator]
By Catherine Alencastro 
1 April 2015
BRASILIA (O Globo) – In yet another government meeting to evaluate the water crisis in part of the country, the diagnosis is that, in the Northeast, there are currently 56 cities in a state of collapse, i.e., without water for more than four days. According to the government, there is an ongoing operation being managed by state and local governments. In the Southeast, despite the March rains, the water regime was lower than expected and the reservoirs of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo are still operating below the average.
In relation to the Northeast, the Union asked for a diagnosis and said it will take further action with the army. It is estimated that up to 105 Northeastern cities can get into situation of collapse. The Minister of national integration, Gilberto Occhi, stated that at the next meeting of the working group which monitors the water crisis within the government, the situation of 500 wells and water supply systems in the Northeast will be assessed.
According to the government, there are studies indicating that this drought can last for up to three to four years. The Environment Minister, Izabella Teixeira, claimed that her team is devising a plan to adapt to climate change.
The Cantareira system, from São Paulo, is still below the dead volume, and follows operating with this water reserve. And the system of the Paraíba do Sul, Rio, is operating at its useful volume (so above the dead volume), but below average.
“We're in the month of transition and, between now and June, the rains diminish too. The rains in the Southeast from October to March were 70% to 75% of the average historical values,” said Carlos Nobre, of the Ministry of Science and Technology.
The President of the national water agency (ANA), Vicente Andreu, explained that the body has adjusted the withdrawal of water from the reservoirs of the Southeast to avoid depleting even more their levels. In the case of the Cantareira, the current water withdrawal is one third of the withdrawal in normal situations.
The situation of the Paraíba do Sul, according to the ANA, is better. The reservoir had "significant improvement" and operates at 16% of its useful volume. In February, the usable volume of the Paraíba do Sul was zero. Over the past year, however, the situation has deteriorated. The tank, at this same time in 2014, operated at 40% of its useful volume.
Izabella, Occhi and technicians gathered at the Presidential Palace in the Minister's Office Aloízio Mercadante.
Water crisis: 56 Northeastern cities are in situation of collapse, says Government


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