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Author Topic: National Geographic Channel - Shows about the ancient world; discoveries!  (Read 3130 times)


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There are plenty of interesting shows nowadays, on the National Geographic Channel. Info about ancient civilizations and new discoveries.
The Channel is presenting some ideas, theories and speakers you wouldn't ordinarily see on TV. In the past month I have seen shows on ancient aliens, older civilizations, astronomers who tracked the comet which wiped out Sodom and Gomorrah etc. Those "Middle Eastern astronomers" go so far back in time - it's like craa-azy compared to what I was taught in college about how long ago "civilization started." !! (Doesn't surprise me personally, just sayin.)
Will be posting lots more on that. The astronomers left a disk covered with sophisticated writings on the comet. BTW it is now known the comet exploded in the atmosphere over what is now Switzerland with such force that the fragments went way up out of the atmosphere, reentering in an arc, proven by modern day scientists, and guess where they landed? Sodom and Gomorrah.  Each fragment of comet fell like a firebomb. Everywhere they fell exploded in fire. It is now proven they landed on these two ancient cities.
This is from memory of the show.
Meanwhile here is the main National Geographic link,

This is their TV link:
This page has several shows on Lost Cities:
Anyway I really find all this very fascinating...this could probably be rewritten but I wanted to
get this Topic started here.
- Yowbarb
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I saw something on the National Geographic TV site today - not sure I knew this before. - Yowbarb
"Some scholars place the Biblical cities in current-day Iraq, at Mashkin-Shapir; others [say] that the cities were buried under the Dead Sea. The remains of these cities have never been found..."

Read more:


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Re: National Geographic Channel - Shows about the ancient world; discoveries!
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here is a link that goes to a video put out by national geographic. not sure when it was first taped.
Zechariah Sitchin is in it.
The main reason I post it is the fact that the 'Bohemian Grove' owl is in there and next to a sumerian female god.
The owl depicted in the video is almost a carbon copy in my opinion of what i have seen concerning idol worship.
good video. and good video site Yowbarb
Ancient Prophecy appears to be fulfilled in the Nightly News.


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