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Author Topic: The Cascadia Subduction Zone  (Read 19850 times)


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Re: The Cascadia Subduction Zone
« Reply #75 on: November 09, 2019, 01:31:34 PM »
M4.2 south of Masset Canada, just north of Cascadia Subduction zone


18:58 UTC,  = 10:58 AM PST


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Re: The Cascadia Subduction Zone
« Reply #76 on: December 03, 2019, 03:19:58 PM »
GREAT article:

How the Coming Cascadia Subduction Zone Event Will Produce An Extinction Level Event (Part One)  ???

Since attending the True Legends conference in Branson, MO., in September, I have often reflected on Steve Quayle's presentation. Seemingly out of nowhere, I began to wonder if the quake would impact the nuclear power plants on the coast in Californial. The answer is yes, when I asked the question to a confidential informant (CI). I have learned that the CIA is flying U-2 spy planes up and down the coastline on a 24/7 basis. The threat is the encroaching magma as well as the two plates interacting off of the coast. Subsequently, I began to research the question of nuclear power plants being impacted by this activity. Here is what I found. Walk with me through the progression of data which led me to unmistakable conclusion, that we are looking at an extinction level event.

The death toll of a Cascadia Subduction Zone event would kill nearly everyone west of Interstate 5. However, when we mix in nuclear power plants in California, it becomes clear that this event will threaten everyone on the face of the earth. 

This article is the first of two parts. Part One will establish the threat. Part Two will attempt to establish the scope of the threat.

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) seismic hazard map show the probability level for an earthquake across the U.S. based on ground shaking, faults, seismicity and geodesy. This information helps dictate everything from building codes, insurance rates and public policy. It is for this reason that the warnings are not forth. The pre-event economic devastation would be incalculable and therefore will remain unreported until the even occurs. Some place the risk at 1 in 10 to occur in the next 50 years. Other estimates place the risk at 30%.

U.S. Seismic Activity Near Nuclear Power Plants

Looking at the overlap of U.S. nuclear reactors (both power and research facilities) and earthquake zones is alarming and  shocking. The accompanying map clearly illustrates the threat.

"The Cascadian Subduction Zone" off the coast of British Columbia, Washington, Oregon and the northernmost part of California shook with a vigorous 9.0 on January 26, 1700. It produced a huge tsunami that its geological-mark on Humboldt County. It even reached Japan! But tsunamis from earthquakes around South America and the Aleutian-Alaskan region have posed a greater threat to the West Coast than locally generated tsunamis." Subsequently, history gives us a partial blueprint of what lies ahead. However, in 1700, there weas no electrical grid or nuclear power plants.

My source informed me that as per NERC policy, nuclear power plants are required to have enough diesel fuel to run for a period of seven days. Some plants have thirty days of diesel. This is the good news, but it is all downhill from here.

The Unresolved Power Blackout Problem

Now that the danger is exposed, let's ask the earthquake question. When the Canadian Subduction Zone goes critical, this will cause a loss of power. Will the power be restored in 7-30 days, which is the time that all nuclear power plants are designed to be offline and still meet the cooling of the fuel rods question? The answer is frightening. If power is not restored, and that is assuming the structure of the plant is still intact following the earthquake, the authorities would have 1-4 weeks to restore power, at most.

In conclusion, we must face the possibility that when we mix in nuclear power plants with the Cascadian Subduction Zone event, we are facing an extinction level event
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