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Author Topic: Rapid Construction Survival Communities - Monolithic Domes Inventor, David South  (Read 17161 times)


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At some point we will all be pointing up at the sky and experiencing the same universal epiphany, “Oh Lordy, it's time to hunker in the bunker!” Immediately on the heels of this awareness will come another agonizing realization for most folks.

If you do not already have a sophisticated bunker stocked with all kinds of goodies, what do you build with the time available and to what purpose? That's the whole point of this strategic planning interview with Monolithic Dome co-inventor and CEO, David B. South, which also includes a comparison between for-profit and not-for-profit survival strategies.

You'll learn why for-profit strategies are inherently flawed because they're not about surviving; they're about return on investment. Consequently, these designs typically rely on large metal pipes for single families. For multifamily survival large, single concrete structures are used, often employing old missile silos and the like. Neither approach is suited to the demands of surviving a tribulation lasting seven to ten years, and for very simple reasons.

The metal pipes are promoted with pictures of happy people sitting in their shelters, reminiscent of life on a WWII submarine. In the depths of the tribulation, these shelters will be remembered as suicide tubes. As for large, single concrete multifamily structures, they all have the same Achilles heel. If any one part of the structure is compromised, much, if not all of the structure becomes unlivable.

Here is where concrete domes offer durable, time-proven survivability for both single family and multifamily shelters. They are time-proven to be highly protective, spiritually nourishing shelters that are ideal for communities of like-minded others seeking to not only survive the coming tribulation, but to thrive through it and beyond it. That's the message of this vital interview, and in this interview you'll learn two proven ways to build concrete survival domes: low tech and high tech. And here is the good news, both methods are ideal for any faith based organization (FBO).

During the coming tribulation, for-profit survival communities are certain to flounder and fail as faith based communities prosper. This is because FBO communities have three huge survival advantages:  1) a respected chain of command, 2) the ability to quickly gather and pool resources, and 3) a broad diversity of talents and skills.

That's why this interview is so valuable for family and FBO leaders. It offers a simple, strategic plan for where and how to shelter – a clear starting point for inspiring solutions, so that you can move forward quickly and with confidence.

For subscribers, two CD audio duplication files (Roxio and Nero) of this interview are also available for download, as a convenient way to freely share this knowledge with families, friends, and FBO leaders. You will be able to duplicate studio quality audio CDs to share that will play in any office, home, or car.


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Marshall - wow this looks like a wealth of good survival housing info. My mind has been on that daily...
I will be sure to have a listen to this and will do my best to share it too.
All The Best,
Barb Townsend


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Judy Lynne Bates South, 1940-2019
It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Judy Lynne South — loving wife of David B. South and beloved mother of ten. She died in Waxahachie, Texas, on Monday, February 25, 2019
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Yowbarb Note, although we have a dome topic, just posting some updates here.

Margaret Clayton's hurricane windows of her Monolithic dome were broken, but held up. Damage from projectiles such as neighbor's transformer but she remained safe, riding out Hurricane Michael inside her dome.

Margaret tells her story of riding out Hurricane Michael in a Monolithic Dome home

[Editor’s Note: When Margaret Clayton saw our story, Hurricane Michael smashes power transformer into Monolithic Dome home, she wrote this fabulous letter and included some before and after shots of her unique dome home — Golden Eye.]

Wow! My dome home is featured by Mr. David South at Monolithic in Italy, Texas. Several years ago I visited Mr. South’s company to investigate building a dome — my pseudo-European vacation that summer.

I loved everything about the domes and was so impressed by everyone at Monolithic! So I located a lot on Beacon Hill by Mexico Beach, Florida — because I wanted to be near my brother, John, who is now deceased. Although I miss my brother every day, I have loved living in my dome I named GOLDEN EYE. When my husband — deceased also — and I lived twice in Bermuda in the 1960’s all the homes were named. There were no street names or numbers for mail. Just your home’s name and the parish in which you lived. Monolithic let me completely design GOLDEN EYE and I love living there.

I was not a bit afraid during Hurricane Michael. A South Florida newspaper said there were sustained winds of 185+ mph and gusts of 201 mph. I believe that as I watched the neighbor house explode and saw trees twist and fly apart. Debris pounded the dome viciously. My hurricane windows were fractured but held so no rain entered. My hurricane garage large door held, but was a bit bent at the bottom as it faced the full force of the hurricane. All the homes around me were destroyed or are uninhabitable. Except for the transformer and a board which wedged in the dome like a spear/javelin, GOLDEN EYE is fine. The other side of the dome is perfect! Living in a dome is a dream!

Even with no air conditioning the dome was pleasant. We had no electricity for a couple of weeks. I urge everyone to build a dome home. My dome is one street off the beach, and I knew I needed a strong structure to survive a hurricane.

I lived on Marco Island, Florida — on the water — for 33 years and was constantly worried about hurricanes. Even though my Marco home was lovely, it was what I call a “stick home” with vertical walls with conventional roofing.

A friend, Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk, was the navigator on the ENOLA GAY which bombed Hiroshima in WWII. He told me that their crew went into Hiroshima weeks later and all was destroyed except for a dome — a Shinto shrine. It is still there. So Dutch said that if Tyndall Air Force Base near me bombed the area, I would be safe. He said this with a smile!

Mr. David South, Mr. Gary Clark and indeed everyone at Monolithic are wonderful and will help you realize that dome homes are the only safe structures in hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes. They are also termite and rot proof! Also, I was thrilled to see that I have no bugs inside — something common in Florida. It is air-tight!

After the hurricane, the man who owned a home in front of me came over and sheepishly said, “I will never make fun of your home again!”

I could go on forever extolling the virtues of Monolithic Domes. It is prudent to investigate these if you wish to live in a safe home and protect your family

Again, Monolithic in Italy, Texas and South Industries in Menan, Idaho who sent the construction crew are wonderful, honest, honorable, and experts at their craft of building domes. No, they are not paying me to praise them. Their product and behavior towards people are their best testimony.


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