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Author Topic: Talking to Aliens and the Transhumanist Agenda - Author, Nancy du Tertre  (Read 1416 times)


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In the coming tribulation, two notable events will happen:  First, we will make contact with multiple extraterrestrial species. Being able to discern who are our friends and who are our foes will have a direct impact on our survival.

Second, once the Planet X system becomes globally visible, the elites will seek to control public opinion by way of controlled media reports and hand-picked "experts," so as to ensure maximum loss of life.

Maximum depopulation during the tribulation is desirable to the elites of this world so that they may more easily regain control of the survivors after the final cataclysms are over.

Separating alien friends from alien foes will require effective communication. In this interview "How to Talk to An Alien" author, Nancy duTertre, offers us valuable insights into how we will communicate with aliens. She'll also offer her own insights into the Transhumanist Agenda and who she believes can make it helpful for humankind's evolution forward.

During the hosting segments, Marshall will explain how the majority of humankind will be led into a death-dealing passivity during the coming Planet X System flyby, and thereby participate in their own misfortunes. He'll also explain that the depopulation outcome is already certain, and who will be the most resistant to this depopulation mind control strategy.

Those slated for depopulation by the elites are, for the most part, beyond a point of no return. For those with the necessary temperament to evade this outcome, Marshall reveals the exact strategy of the elites and how it is playing out, even now. Get informed and increase your chances of making it to "The Backside."

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Surviving the Planet X Tribulation: A Faith-Based Leadership Guide

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