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Author Topic: Creating Golden Memories in “The Last Days of Atlantis”  (Read 5116 times)


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Creating Golden Memories in “The Last Days of Atlantis”
« on: November 17, 2015, 06:08:22 PM »
This is a special message for those of you who are subscribers and who opted in to one of our email lists.  We appreciate you folks who have expressed an interest in Planet X research. 

I am sending you this email to share a heartfelt holiday message with you.  Whether you are in planning and preparation or just pretending to be is not the point of this message.  Rather, it is to remind you that the remainder of this year and the first quarter of next year will be our last true window of opportunity for spending golden time with friends and loved ones.  We are living in times like the last days of Atlantis.  Do not let this opportunity pass you by!

This is why last July I posted an announcement inviting folks to join me and my beloved fiance, Jennifer, on the 7-night “Conspira-Sea Cruise.”  A few of you have signed up to join us, but many more of you have written to ask me why I am doing this when it is obvious that my work is forecasting the beginning of the tribulation this winter.  I always answer these emails with, “If you read my book Being In It for the Species,” you'd understand—timing is everything.

This is because those who've read Being already know that the tribulation begins when volcanism on the western side of the Ring of Fire grounds air traffic in that region, causing global economic and political concerns.  Likewise, there will be observations in the sky that will cause speculations, but will be countered by propaganda presenting this as nothing more serious than a comet—just a light show in the sky.  Consequently, most will procrastinate and squander their last chance to take action before we enter a time of great suffering. 

This tribulation will not be just a few years long, but will last a full decade or more.  Most of us who are now living, will be no longer by the end of it.  This is why this message is so urgent. You will need golden memories of spending happy times with those you like and love, and these memories will help you to endure the long, difficult years of the coming tribulation.

For this reason I agreed to accept Susan Shumsky's invitation to be a speaker during the 7-night “Conspira-Sea Cruise.”  Simply put, I did it knowing that after the first quarter of next year, such things as cruises will likely not be possible again. I look forward to this one last opportunity to gather golden memories with like-minded others, and to share vital survival knowledge on a one-on-one basis with those who take this topic seriously. 

For the rest, conspiracy theories tend to be like the ghost stories we tell around the camp fire to entertain others.  At some point we all have a good laugh and turn in.  So in retrospect, perhaps I'm a bit too serious about this topic for an event such as this 7-night “Conspira-Sea Cruise.”  However, I will still be glad to give my presentation and reach out to those who may be new to the topic, as well as to those who already take it seriously.  What I am most looking forward to are those times before and after my presentation, where we will enjoy pleasant meals, sparkling conversations, interesting shore excursions, and all of the luxury and beauty this civilization has to offer.

Whether enough people enroll to make this cruise happen or not, I have no regrets about putting it out there.  After all, survival is a process of trial-and-error with no guarantees for any of us, no matter how well prepared we may be materially.  For this reason, when you see the advertisement for the 7-night “Conspira-Sea Cruise” on my website, let it be a reminder to you that time is slipping through your fingers.  Use it wisely.

If you're eating a TV dinner on Thanksgiving day when you could be dining and visiting with family or friends, you've let an irreplaceable opportunity slip through your fingers.  If you're not getting out and enjoying the beauty and wonder of the holiday season with family and friends, you've let an irreplaceable opportunity slip through your fingers.  If you are asleep when the ball drops to announce the new year in Times Square, it may be the last time in the history of this civilization to witness such a thing, and you will have missed it. 

Again, whether you are in planning and preparation, or just pretending to be, I implore you not to squander this holiday season and those chances left to collect golden memories before the cataclysms begin in earnest.  These golden memories can give you the strength to carry on, and briefly put a smile on your face when the world about you is imploding in pain, suffering, and violence.

So gather your golden memories this season—drink in the warm holiday lights, the beautiful music, the tantalizing aromas, the joy of generous giving, and the love and camaraderie of friends and family.  You will need those memories.

Jennifer and I extend our holiday wishes to you all, Marshall


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