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Author Topic: A Summary. Perspectives. Brazil. 2016.  (Read 1784 times)


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A Summary. Perspectives. Brazil. 2016.
« on: January 14, 2016, 06:30:48 AM »
Here I am at 7:30 in the morning listening to Dire Straits singing 'The Walk of Life' and thinking and feeling. first of all thinking about Pedro Regis. Second of all feeling good, happy, remembering me doing my walk of life dance, my action, my motion, my move, my groove in earlier days. Thinking about the shafts of pure Joy that would pierce me suddenly, unexpectedly, beautiful gifts from God, anytime, anywhere.

These are final thoughts as I sip my morning coffee.


2. Brazil. Pedro Regis. This passing of Nibiru and it's mini-solar system being not just 'another' passing, being it's LAST passing, it's brown dwarf being pulled into Sol, consumed, with solar system effects. With human effects.
( .. (

The walk of life baby.

3. Humans. A transcendental species. Not needing an Age of Aquarius to evolve into 'higher' beings. Already there. Like a plumb hanging from a tree, sweet, ripe, ready to be picked and devoured. We only have to reach for it, pluck it, consume it and be transformed. Been there for thousands of years. But we got too sophisticated, too arrogant, too narcissistic. We lost the pleasure-pain relationship, the pleasure in the pain being the antidote to narcissism, arrogance, sophistication.

Extraordinary Holy Year of Mercy. Bringing in the extraordinary end to this era leading to the beginning of the 'new' era ... whatever that may be. The walk of life.

Grasping the plumb and devouring it. That is what we need to do now. Not more 'research' busywork, not more distractions. Not more internet, more videos, more speculation about when and what tomorrow, this year, next year.

4. I've done it all for you. You have to act, to implement. and that means tossing out all distractions and spending time, focusing on God, forgetting 'you' and your past and your baggage, looking to you today and telling and showing The Lord that for you it's all about Him, your Father, you the prodigal son returned. He created you to be happy, happy for all eternity, beginning now! It's the walk of life baby! And how amazingly fortunate we are to do that dance.

Honor your Creator.
Praise Him.
Love your Daddy.
Ask Him.
TRUST Him at all times in all ways.

5. We don't know the future, what will or will not happen; neither do we know the timing. We have been sent the most perfect messenger to help us into our new era, a most Beautiful Woman. We have ignored her for 150 years. But she is still with us. I have written about her, some of what she said, some of what she is saying. Look to her for loving help as you prepare, as you have difficulties, as you have successes.

She was chosen by the Creator, the Uncaused Cause, our Daddy. Forget cosmology; I'm working on that too. Not there yet, as you can see; just doing the walk of life. And could I dance when I was young -- you have no idea ;D
And football? My techniques forced a rule change in Pro ball 8)


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Re: A Summary. Perspectives. Brazil. 2016.
« Reply #1 on: January 15, 2016, 03:43:10 PM »
Thanks for your posting, GenericUser.  You write well.

BTW, it was hard to remain stationary while listening to Dire Straits in that last link of yours  --


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Re: A Summary. Perspectives. Brazil. 2016.
« Reply #2 on: January 24, 2016, 06:49:07 AM »
Thank you iLinda, you are a gem. I'm happy to see that you've stuck with me since my first topic here, through thick and thin even as I broached 'less than popular' subjects and others found other Boards, other Topics, other ways to occupy their time.

Interesting. The first:
Which was on 01/26/2015. Almost exactly one year.

And thank you for giving me a laugh this morning by telling me you couldn't "remain stationary"  :)  which also told me you took the time to follow my links. Honestly, if humanity behaved as you do, which is to transcend 'what comes naturally' by plucking that plumb and savoring it each day, well, we as a species would have rid ourselves of war and other evils.

So now I'm thinking you just provided me with my closing topic post.

THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH ... the new earth ... the eternal earth. There will be PAIN in the meantime, mixed with Joy, but IT WILL BE WORTH IT!



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