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Author Topic: New Personal Relocation Webinars - Special Offer 50% Off (Expires 4/5/2016)  (Read 3417 times)


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Dear Planet X Town Hall Members:

In recent years those with substantial financial resources have already formulated and taken action on their own plans to survive the coming tribulation. For those with little cooperation from family and friends and not much money, tribulation concerns are now more urgent and pressing than ever before.

For this reason I've completely redesigned my relocation webinar program to offer a more flexible, personal and private experience.-Marshall Masters

Special Introductory Offer 50% Off (Expires April 5, 2016) Click here to enroll today

Addressing these needs in a private and compassionate way is the goal of this new, affordable, and flexible personal relocation webinar program with Marshall Masters. Private and Personal: You will confer one-on-one with Marshall. If you want others to listen in or to join in, you may invite up to fifteen family members or friends to the conference call.
  • Three Options: Choose the conference duration (30, 60 or 90 minutes) that best serves your needs.
  • Your Choice of Topics: Marshall will be happy to address any Planet X / tribulation questions or concerns you may have.
  • Flexible Scheduling: Each webinar conference is scheduled for a mutually convenient time. Marshall's most available time slot is Noon Pacific, Monday through Friday.
  • Easy for Overseas: Marshall uses a webinar system with global online access that offers telephone callers 58 different call-in numbers. Whether you use the Internet or your phone, you'll be amazed by the audio quality.
Are the prospects of surviving the global tribulation leaving you with an overwhelming and paralyzing sense of fear for the future? Marshall's message to you is that he can help you create a realistic survival strategy based around your own needs and resources. Then take action by working your plan, one small solution at a time, and things will start getting better day-by-day. The whole point of this program is to help you to develop a realistic, personalized plan based on your own needs, objectives, and resources.

Special Introductory Offer 50% Off (Expires April 5, 2016) Click here to enroll today


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