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Surviving the Planet X Tribulation

Author Topic: Planet X Arrival and the Annunaki — Nibiru Author, Gerald R. Clark  (Read 1573 times)


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In this interview, Planet X researchers Gerald  R. Clark and Marshall Masters  talk about the arrival of Planet X, the Annunaki, and surviving the tribulation. For those who follow the work of either of these two researchers it's a special 'talk shop' conversation.

At the heart of the conversation is an analysis of the orbit described by U.S. Naval chief astronomer, Robert S. Harrington, in a 1992 documentary with 12th Planet author Zecharia Sitchin, titled Are We Alone in the Universe - Zecharia Sitchin (1992).

Using the orbit illustration Harrington shared with Sitchin, Gerald  R. Clark, author of The 7th Planet, Mercury Rising, has calculated the arrival of the Planet X system within a range of 12 months.

Clark offers a detailed explanation of his interpretation of Harrington's orbit for Planet in a YouTube video he posted on May 31, 2016 titled Nibiru & Earth Change Updates - ARE WE CLOSE??? with Gerald Clark. In this interview with Marshall he discusses additional aspects of his findings.

Additionally, Clark and Masters discuss the return of the Annunaki and their agenda, and also share their views on what is needed to surviving the coming flyby of the Planet X system.  Both researchers see a time of great suffering, and each brings to the conversation a different view of survival success.

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