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Author Topic: Gerald Clark's book, The 7th Planet about the Annunaki, world religions, etc.  (Read 3064 times)


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Yowbarb Note: Hi All, I got this from Global Moderator Ruth.
I feel this belongs here in the Board, Humanity's Deep History. The book she wrote me about deals with the Annunaki, translations of their words and the foundation of some world religions
from Ruth, excerpts from her email:

"Am doing a lot of reading. I got some of Gerald Clark’s books. I’ve heard him on Leak Project, and more shows and Steve Olson and him are communicating too.

Gerald is not only very intelligent but has an impressive resume for jobs he’s done. He got into studying the Annunaki to disprove it and got hooked. He is able to also translate them. He’s got some programs he did in South America, Peru I think? He’s doing a lot to connect the dots on the origins of world religions from the ancient Annunaki etc. Oh my gosh is that awesome. Not all perfect, still lots to figure out, but he’s the most creditable on that I’ve listened to. I have a much deeper respect for Sitchen too because of Gerald.

His latest book The 7th Planet is a must. It is available from Amazon but there are audios that are cheaper. I hope you can
get one if you don’t already.
I’ve heard Gerald speak highly of M."  [Marshall]


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