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Author Topic: what is 'survival food' / what to think of  (Read 37939 times)


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Re: what is 'survival food' / what to think of
« Reply #240 on: March 25, 2019, 07:53:45 PM »
Solani, I am also super impressed with your jars and jars of dried puffball mushroom!  Truly impressive size also.  And I have neve seen one so large that was not already "going bad".

R.R. Book

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Re: what is 'survival food' / what to think of
« Reply #241 on: May 05, 2019, 04:59:49 PM »
We've briefly discussed a dandelion coffee substitute in the past, and I considered whether to bring it up again under the "Survival Food" thread or under "Alternative Medicine," of which it is both.

Am now regarding it as a survival food with medicinal benefits, rather than the other way around, and when mixed with hot water and a little dry milk from storage, it becomes a comfort food as well.

I've put coffee at the bottom of my list of preps, even though I know how important it is to the menfolk in our household, and although it does have some medicinal qualities.  On the other hand, for less $ than coffee, am putting dandelion coffee substitute near the top as a food, medicine and comfort item.

An independent lab (Chemical Solutions Ltd.) found the following nutritional content in a 2.8g (1 tsp) serving of Dandyblend (made from dandelion roots + four other plants):

Major Minerals:
Potassium 22.2 mg
Sodium 3.2 mg
Phosphorus 2.8 mg
Magnesium 2.0 mg
Calcium 2.1 mg
Iron 0.9 mg
Aluminum 0.05mg
Manganese 0.03

Trace Minerals:
Rubidium 12.0 mcg
Zinc 8.6 mcg
Barium 6.0 mcg
Boron 4.0 mcg
Copper 1.6 mcg
Strontium 2.0 mcg
Chromium 2.0 mcg
Titanium 2.0 mcg

In addition:
Phytochemical list for dandelion roots:

Sesquiterpene lactones

    Taraxacin (a digestive bitter and diuretic)
    Phenylpropanoid glycosides: dihydroconiferin, syringin, and dihydrosyringin (detergent-like sugars)
    Taraxacoside (a growth hormone sugar)
    Lactupircin (an analgesic sedative stronger than Ibuprofen)


    Lutein (a carotenoid eye protectant, especially of the macula)
    Violaxanthin (an eye protectant, especially of the macula, derived from zeaxanthin)


    Esculin (vasoprotective)
    Scopoletin (anticoagulant)


    Apigenin-7-glucoside (antimutagenic, anti-cancer, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory)
    Luteolin-7-glucoside (a.k.a. cynaroside, strongly anti-cancer)
    Isorhamnetin 3-glucoside (anti-oxidant, anti-cataract)
    Luteolin-7-diglucoside (antioxidant, a free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, strongly anti-cancer)
    Quercetin-7-glucoside (antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative and anticarcinogenic)
    Quercetin (anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory, phyto-estrogen, anti-cancer, enzyme regulator)
    Luteolin (antioxidant, a free radical scavenger, anti-inflammatory, strongly anti-cancer)
    Rutin (antiallergic, anti-inflammatory, antiproliferative, and anticarcinogenic)
    Chrysoeriol (vaso-relaxant and anti-hypertensive)

Phenolic acids

    Caffeic acid (anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, anti-oxidant)
    Chlorogenic acid (anti-hypertensive, anti-inflammatory)
    Chicoric acid (stimulates immunity, protects collagen)
    ρ-hydroxyphenylacetic acids (anti-oxidants)


    Glucans mannans (intra-cranial pressure reduction, lowers ocular pressure, diuretic, increases transplant success rate, antiinflammatory, immunostimulatory, antioxidant, anticoagulant, antiviral, antiproliferative, antiapoptosis and antitumor properties)
    inulin (inhibits growth or activities of certain pathogenic bacteria

Cyanogenic glycosides

    Prunasin (byproduct amygdalin is anti-neoplastic)

Sesquiterpene lactones (of the germacranolide type)

    11β, 13-dihydrolactucin (analgesic, sedative, antimalarial)
    Ixerin D (prevents/reduces stone formation, indigestion, pneumonia, hepatitis, and tumors)
    Ainslioside taraxinic acid (anti-leukemia)
    β-glucopyranosyl (a sugar capable of interacting with RNA)
    Taraxinic acid (anti-leukemia)
    Glucosyl ester (energy production and storage)
    11-dihydrotaraxinic acid and 13-dihydrotaraxinic acid (antivirals)
    l'-glucoside a.k.a. betulinic acid, betulin (antiprotozoal, antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, chemopreventive, antiretroviral, antimalarial and anti-tumor - especially head, neck and melanomas.)
    Lactucopicrin (sedative and analgesic)
    Lactucin (sedative and analgesic)
    Cichorin (stimulates the immune system and protects collagen)


    Prunasin (anti-tumor)
    Syringin (antidiabetic)
    Stigmatsterol (an anti-angiogenic and anti-cancer steroid  and hormone precursor)


    β-amyrin ((a gastroprotective, antipruritic, analgesic and hepatoprotective triterpene)
    Lupeol (antiprotozoal, antimicrobial, antiinflammatory, chemopreventive, antiretroviral, antimalarial and anti-tumor - especially head, neck and melanomas.)
    Taraxaserol and


    β-sitosterol (a steroid that may reduce benign prostatic hyperplasia and blood cholesterol levels)
    Stigmatsterol (an anti-angiogenic and anti-cancer steroid  and hormone precursor)
    Campesterol (anti-inflammatory)


    Lettucenin A
    Taraxalisin, a serine proteinase
    Amino acids
    Choline (a B-vitamin)

Long-term storage potential:


With extracts, there is nothing to go rancid or oxidize, so the shelf life could be unlimited as long as storage conditions are cool and dry.

Dandy Blend has been on the market for over 25 years (2017). We have saved samples of the earliest packages, and periodically test them. They are still the same as they were–a loose, brown powder with no color or consistency change–and taste the same as they did when new..

If, however, Dandy Blend is exposed to humidity or other moisture, it will harden to the consistency of a brick. It is still usable if you break off a piece and boil it for a while in water, but the flavor is not as good.

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