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Author Topic: Those who are ignorant of HISTORY are doomed to repeat it...  (Read 2527 times)


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Those who are ignorant of HISTORY are doomed to repeat it...
« on: September 25, 2016, 11:35:12 PM »
Past en present of The Netherlands

Those who are ignorant of the past are doomed to repeat it...
But who CARES about Holland?!

I will tell you why you should.

Holland used to be the center of the world in many ways. Specifically regarding the NEW ‘center of the world’, i.e. the U.S.A., Holland was also the embarking point for many of the people leaving to the Americas centuries ago. Dutch culture back then also helped determine the evolving culture in the Americas to an extent that is not taught in school (not even in Dutch schools).

Centuries ago Europe was a ‘christian fundamentalist’ mess. But if you know Asterix and Obelix...
make sure you read the text below.                             

their story may sound familiar; Europe was divided up into city-states like London and Paris, surrounded by vast expanses of farmers. City and rural culture was quite different and cities controlled politics, with farmers living lives as 2nd-rate citizens [though they probably didn’t care most of the times since they had little to do with cities].
Then the marshes of Holland were emptied and a whole new country comes into being! Here, there is no history or culture of city vs. country, no established power base that determines culture, attitudes and politics. The cities that developed were each other’s equals and their attitude toward rural areas was very different from that of ancient European cities. A culture of equality evolved that was new and quite different from anything else to be found in the whole of Europe.

Free-thinkers of all of Europe flock to Holland! Leiden university attracts many of Europe’s greatest minds. Those seeking refuge from Roman rule [Vatican; the Holy Catholic Church] flee to Holland en masse.
Dutch knowhow and expertise expands exponentially, in reality as a reactionary response to Catholic totalitarian dominance over all of Europe. Indirectly this leads to innovations and inventions that put Holland in the lead of all of Europe! Holland becomes the intellectual center of Europe (at the time when fundamentalism and barbaric traditions rule).

Now get this right: ‘Dutch’ power and progress RIVALED that of the British empire but the COUNTRY of Holland is an area just a few times bigger than the CITY of London... The Netherlands may consist of 11 ‘provinces’ today but centuries ago only the provinces of HOLLAND were in power and determined the fate of the Dutch; and that is a small area indeed.
Remember those massive ships that sailed the globe centuries ago, bringing riches back from the orient and establishing European dominance over the world? The Dutch put out one of those huge ships EVERY SINGLE WEEK! Their shipyards and expertise were the center of European expansion.

When religious, political and cultural refugees sought passage THE HELL OUT OF EUROPE to the Americas, where did they go? To Holland of course!
The Dutch threw off the yoke of Catholic oppression and established the first PROTESTANT country in the world [don’t forget that the first translation of the Bible [into German] was produced by Martin Luther in 1555]; they threw off their same-language cousins who stuck to Catholism and became part of Belgium; above the Dutch-Belgium line protestant thought held sway, below Catholicism continued.

Let’s be honest...
The BEST of Europe made it’s way to the Americas in hope of finding peace, safety and freedom!
But WHERE did all that come about? How was that possible? WHO gave all those people safe haven, transport and a new future? The Dutch...

Okay, that’s about Dutch GREATNESS; now let’s move on to Dutch karma...
Dutch ships [remember, in great numbers, one being put out every week] sailed the world and established a trade with the orient that had to do with...
-   Guns
-   Slavery
-   Drugs
The Dutch are the world’s first and greatest gun-runners, slavers and drug lords!!!
We transported as many slaves to the East as well as to the West, we supplied state-of-the-art canons and guns to the entire world and we established the opium [heroin] trade that created an entire European culture of drugged decadence.

But in the end, especially as Americans [hey, we’re talking global DRUGS, ECONOMICS and ARMS... What does that make you think of?] you should appreciate that the U.S.A. would not exist in it’s current form if not for the Dutch. Hell, English only won out as main language by a few votes to Dutch! That should tell you something.

So ‘The Netherlands’ [bullsh!t: Holland!] are ignored. Hell, a lot of Americans think “Holland” is the capital of Denmark or something. That’s really f*cked up when you realize that the U.S.A. as it exists today is mainly thanks to Holland and the Dutch centuries ago.

Now, what’s this all about? First of all it’s about DENIAL; America’s main roots lie with Holland yet American children are taught nothing about all of this.
American culture came about THANKS TO a reactive element/culture/process that started out in Europe and was focused in Holland. You know your American puritism? That’s just a modern form of Dutch Calvinism! Quakers, Mormons, Amish? Just religious fundamentalists that sought refuge in Holland and found transport... in Holland!
America would no more exist in it’s current form today if not for HOLLAND giving ‘deviants, political refugees and religious fundamentalists’ a way to escape Europe, much as Australia would not exist in it’s current form today if it hadn’t been where England sent it’s ‘deviants, dissidents and (so-called) criminals [you could be sent to prison for stealing one loaf of bread for your starving children...].

Politics, history, culture... They don’t just pop out of thin air.
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